Monday, April 13, 2009

Being honest...

... doesnt make you any less weird!

So i was minding my own business doing my work and suddenly my Skype flashed:

Weirdo: hi! please add me to be your friend!
Big Cow: ??
Weirdo: i want to make fren wif u
Big Cow: errr....
Weirdo: i already add you! please add me!
Big Cow: sorry, i think i will pass on the offer
Weirdo: but i already add you!
Big Cow: so? delete me off. sorry, i dont make friends with random ppl. too many weirdos out there
Weirdo: hehe, i understand. dont worry, i m honest
Big Cow: ....
Weirdo: i just want to have notty chat with you.
Big Cow: sorry, i m not interested.
Weirdo: but i added u already! u have to chat with me!
Big Cow: not interested. good luck in finding others to chat with you. bye!
Weirdo: fuck u! i think you must be ugly!

i ignored him after that.

wei, mr weirdo, being honest to me that you want a notti chat with me doesnt make you any less weird!


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