Wednesday, April 8, 2009

About Big Cow...

... ok, lemme tell you about myself. I am fat, no, obese (but i m quite sure most of u have already guessed, right? Harlow?? BIG COW??), but i am ok with my size or weight most of the time. it's just that most ppl are not ok with my weight and size. i dont think i m ugly, just obese :P so anyway, the reason why i m NOT putting up my pix here is, harlow? look at the stuffs i blog?? too private la... nanti those ppl i bitch about found out i am Big Cow, how? :P and NOT because i am ashamed of how i look like.

like seriously, i have no issues with how i look. ok? geddit? so, that said, here are the stuffs that i wanna rant:

1. just dl skype in this pc. been months since i last used skype (used it daily for work in the previous company), so i went thru my contact list and saw this fella's nick that i m very sure aint my ex-colleague. so we chatted randomly like for about 1hr. then he asked me for my pic. and i asked why? does it really matter? and he said he wanna see who he is chatting with coz he find it weird not knowing how the other party look like (his avatar has his pic - nope, not handsome at all, kinda nerdy ugly, but then again, who am i to judge, right? :P). then ok lor, i went to FB to download one of the pics (damn malas to plug in my external HDD). Sent it over to him, i said: ok, so now you know how i look like and he went: yea, Bye. and fucking went offline. like wtf right? So, the thing is, no i still do not feel inferior about how fat i am, seriously, i m not, i m just disgusted with how shallow some people are. *shakes head*

2. As mentioned a few times above, i seriously am ok with my size. so i get very annoyed when people decided to 'care' about me and ask me to lose weight, slim down and all those craps. reason being, good for my health. my ass la :P even if i slim down and still smoke like a chimney, drink like a fish, i will still die earlier, right? also, from my previous post, i have proven that even Hell / Heaven dont want me when i tried to kill myself :P so yea, pls, if you really care for me, let me be, ok? :) like seriously, you cannot imagine how many times random people walk up to me and start telling me i should lose weight. welp, sorry la babe, i know i take up more space than you on earth, but harlow? i m not THAT big to the extend of suffocating you right? also, did i tell you how smelly your breath is? or how ugly you actually look? or how stupid you actually are (ok, granted, i do tell ppl how stupid they are sometimes - but i only do that when they have tested my patience to my limits) or how smelly your BO is? or how skinny you are? no, right? so please fuck off. 2 of my 'fondest' memories of random ppl showing they 'care' for me are:

Scenario 1: Toa Payoh MRT station April 2007. Minger and i went to SG to watch Phantom of the Opera. And whilst waiting for the train, this random old woman decided to approach me and started telling me about losing weight. i politely told her, it's ok, i m fine with who i am. but NOOOOO... she decided to bugged me more and then started to BIBLE THUMP at me... err... apparently GOD hates fat people. i tell ya, if that fucking MRT station can smoke, i will light up my ciggie and blow at her face and say: Begone! you evil bible thumper! fuck off! but nope, i just ignored her and she started to dagger stare at me the whole journey to Orchard Road Station. i started to freak out a bit coz it's so not funny to kena stalk like that right? but no la, paranoid only, she just so happen alight at the same station at us :P

Scenario 2: i think this is even more ridiculous :P you see, i used to go to this economic rice place near my place to makan. on the 4th visit i went there, the lady boss decided to preached at me about losing weight. please bear in mind, she is fucking selling food to me and she is preaching at me about losing weight! so as usual, i politely told her it's ok, i m good. and then she started to take out her direct selling weight losing brochures and hard selling me. and i told her, it's ok, i m good. which pisses her off. as we sat very near her stall, she started to bitch about me to another stall owner this: some ppl just dont know how to love herself, look at her, look at what she eat! all the oily food (please remember, i was eating the food that she sold to me!), look! still dont wanna lose weight! tsk tsk tsk and then proceed with dagger staring me. harlow? are you fucking stupid ah? then dont sell your food to me la! tiu! lol! obviously i stopped patronizing her for about 1 yr plus. but her food actually hor, damn yummy so, recently i started patronizing her again and she stopped being so bitchy. why? coz in that 1 yr plus that i stopped patronizing her, i still go there almost daily buying food from other stalls but not hers and i gave her the "too bad, you wont get any business from me" smile everytime :D

so yea, conclusion is, i dont tell you how to live your life, you dont tell me how to live mine, ok? also, i havent complain about your flaws, so dont come and act all high and mighty at me like you are some kinda mr/ms perfect, ok?

As the saying says: I may be fat, but you are ugly and i can diet :D

ok la... i stop here:P

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