Thursday, April 9, 2009

Project 365 - Day 10

Why a pic of the shampoo? Welp, remember few days back? Small Cow and i went to tame our lion? Welp, it's actually our lion head. :P yes, to make things clear, we rebonded our hair. understand now? ok, anyway, as most of you know, rebonding hair is a tedious process, you have sit thru 4 fucking hours making small talks with the hairdressers, butt getting flatten and worst of all, cannot wash hair for 3 fucking days. I tell ya, it was the most disgusting 3 days of my life la! my scalp is naturally oily, so i usually wash my hair daily or alternate days. but 3 fucking days not washing your awful smelling chemical laden hair is too much la... i can imagine oil dripping down my hair coz it was so damn fucking oily and disgusting (think Proffessor Snape of Harry Potter, then imagine it 2x worst). So anyway, the hairstylist was telling us that we can wash our hair on Thursday and he was jokingly telling me that if i cannot tahan, at 12am sharp sharp, faster go wash hair lor... so yesterday after work, i went to tapau dinner and it was raining! and i terkena (ok, i lied, i conveniently forgotten i have umbrella in my car) rain, so no choice lor... have to wash hair when i get back :P so yea, i never knew washing hair can be sooooooo damn shiok... :P i spent extra long in the bathroom last nite, lathering up shampoo, scrubbing my scalp, rinse, lather up more shampoo, scrubbing my scalp, rinse and lathering up shampoo and rinse again :P yea, extremist, i know. but really leh, damn disgusting ok? even after washing, i can still smell that horrible chemical smell. smell like staled barley drinks. eeeewwww..... but in the name of vanity, i have to bear with it la :D

so yea.... end of story. :D

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