Monday, March 23, 2009

the weekend...

.... nothing out of the ordinary happened. didnt see him at all... :(

so anyway, saturday after work, i rushed back home so that i can meet my dad to bring him go makan and drop him at pudu.... got stuck in the fucking jam. i seriously wonder why are there still so many ppl going to Sg Wang/Lot 10/Timesquare when it's jam ALL the time?? so anyway, whilst stuck in the jam, my dad was grumbling ALL the way. Please bear in mind, i already tak cukup tidur, somemore with my dad's constant grumbling, i almost tempted to just ram the car into the bus in front of me! grrrr.... but since i've reformed, i shut up and just listen to him grumble grumble. did u guys notice? the past weekend was so damn fucking hot, i bet if you put raw pork on the road, it will turn into siu yoke! so anyway, after being stucked in the city for a few hours, i've decided to just go back and roll on my bed. but alas! federal highway also jam! and my dad listens to OLDIES that even i cannot accept! COUNTRY OLDIES, that is, songs that makes me wanna sleep, songs of lost love, unrequited love, self pity... songs that even a depressed fuck hates! (imagine the lyrics goes something like: are you thinking of me tonight? i am thinking of you tonight. why are you apart from me? and all those craps la) i cannot take it anymore! by then i was thirsty and hot and dying..... and the only thought i had was : ice cold coke and since i know small cow is also sufferring in her office (think, high rise building near the sun with NO AIRCON ON, on a hot saturday afternoon), i sms-ed her to tempt her on the thought of ice cold coke (yes, i m can be fucking annoying) and small cow called me immediately :P so anyway, drove to McD in subang just to get a cup of ice cold coke and drove home happy happy :D. Small cow came not long later as we were having dinner with Ah Yi and Ah Ma. After dinner, we have to do wat we have to do. u see, now that i have 1 extra car with me for the next 1 week plus, there is no way i can park both cars in the compound and i dont wanna park one of the cars outside the compound coz scared kena curi. So the best place to park was only 2 places, 1 in my warehouse here (but recently boss's car kena hancur by 2 of our 1tonne heavy pallet of goods - i damn takut alre) or the other suggestion is to park in Belinda's place. So we went to Belinda's place. Me driving my trusty old car and small cow driving my dad's car (small cow dunno how to drive a manual car u see :P) after putting the car, i told small cow, cannot take it... the safety belt dun have the clip, i feel like choking everytime i drive! so i told her, let's get the clip now and install it immediately.... and we did. we went to carrefour happily getting the clip, and happily went down to the car park...... but hor.... 30mins later, we were still stuck in the carpark, unable to take the stupid clipper out of the body, when we finally did take the clipper out of the body, we were unable to hook the bloody body into the seatbelt area and we struggled like mad cows. if you were there, you would be laughing all the way. imagine 2 cows, trying their best to hook the thingie, all 4 doors of the car were opened, it was damn rakus la. it never occur to us that we should give up and just try it next time. we just went all gungho in trying to fix the bloody thing up! after almost an hour of struggling, the clips were finally installed, i know most of you will be thinking, how hard can fixing a clip be? lemme tell you, it's fucking hard when it's that particular cheap brand from carrefour, ok? :P anyway, everything after that went uneventfully, sent small cow back, and then balik to read Marley and Me. Cried like crazy and sms-ed him. (happy, happy!)

Sunday, woke up, sleep back, woke up, sleep back. watched Juno, Hairspray whilst waiting for Small cow to come over to have dinner. after dinner, went to Kepong to small cow's great grandma's place then balik. unevenful also. i think. but no matter how uneventful our outting is, we sure ended up laughing like mad. small cow has that effect on all of us :)

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