Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i was so ready coming in today. looking forward to leaving on the dot so that i can go for an interview... yes! i am serious about leaving this hellhole! but no, just come in only, i just come in only, i saw half done work lying on my desk. asked him why the fuck is it lying on my desk, he told me havent done finish and i m suppose to finish it up for him.! harlow??? finish what you've started! or dont even start at all! where got people do things halfway and then ask someone else to do one - oh yeah, people in this company does that!???? somemore can give me lots of excuses like, now you are here, u do it la! OR how i know have to do? OR what's the big deal?

i really cannot work here anymore. people here are simply unproffessional and unethical! i need to work for a big company! and i m swearing off working in a small company for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!

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