Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A little note on Big Cow's Behalf

Hey peeps, this is Big Cow, but small cow is helping me post this up
coz at this point of time, i am reigning painfully on my throne - the
toilet bowl, that is! Anyway, i m in pain, but there's nothing much to
do except sitting here letting my bowel do it's job whilst fighting
hard not to puke - yea, it will be real messy, what with me holding a
phone (yes! I m serious! I m really on the throne!) and purging, the
last complications i need right now is to puke all over! :-p are u
disgusted yet? :-D *NEXT PARAGRAPH* yea, phone can't do paragraph
paragraph thing so have to put that myself :-p *NEXT PARAGRAPH* so,
anyway, shit! I've lost my train of thoughts.... What was i trying to
say? *NEXT PARAGRAPH* cannot, cannot, cannot concentrate alre... A
fresh new wave of intense pain suddenly decided to come and say hello
to me! Tiu lor!

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