Saturday, February 7, 2009

went cny dinner with my colleagues last nite. it was pretty funny seeing how drunk they were. no, i didnt drink. not that i m some kinda uptight bitch or something, i am more cautious. the thing about people here is, everyone is politicking against each other. which is really really stupid. few incidents that i wish to note down:

incident #1:

i was asked to drink the red wine. i dont drink red wine. i just dont know how to appreciate red wine. gimme martinis, magaritas, any cocktails, champagne or beer anytime. just not red wine. white wine also still acceptable. also, i wasnt in the mood to drink la... what with my long lasting cough that makes me almost black out a few times, i seriously do not wish to drink alcoholic drinks. heck! i was even drinking HOT chinese tea! (yep, i dont take hot drinks, unless i m forced to). so back to the story of red wine. lady boss asked me to drink. and i told her i dont drink red wine coz i cant stand the taste and dunno how to appreciate. then this 'friend' of mine decided to act like she is my 'best friend' like she knows me damn well, says: "aiyah big cow, u are always full of complains la!" - she was sitting next table (she has this habit of eavedroppings - will elaborate more later) - so can imagine her voice la... and i went : "ha? where got complain? i am just stating the fact that i dont like it, i m not complaining the red wine is lousy what, furthermore, i am still sick leh" then she went on: "ya ya, full of excuses la you" which really irks me alre la... i mean like wtf? why did she even butt into the fucking conversation anyway? the last i remembered, the conversation was only between lady boss and me leh! lady boss being lady boss, saw my facial expression alre and change subject.

her eavedroppings. this is a really annoying trait of her. she is sitting like a few cubicles away from me and just now, when i was talking to finger about watching movie (i think i got some feelings for him alre... cham!) and which movie to watch and she suddenly butt in from her cubicle: "aiyoh, finger asking big cow out ah??" like wtf???

here's the sitting positions:

erm.... it's a tad small hor? but i malas to resize it la... so too bad :P go get a magnifying glass la :P

anyway, i've lost my train of thoughts. so instead of a 'few' incidents, it's only 1 at the moment :P

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