Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

in exactly 1 month's time, ah mui and daffle will be celebrating their birthday :P (yea, the share the same bday and they are married to each other! so sweet hor? :P)

in 1 day's time, it's my kuku lai lai's bday :P

less than 24hrs ago, i received a call from him wishing me a Happy V'day which is really really sweet, but... he is attached. i guess i m living in the ultimate tragic love story... (rewind back to 2 yrs back - where i cried for 3 days 3 nights, crying over long distance phone calls to Ah Mui - that was so stupid :P). the summary of the story is, yes, i admit, i m fucking in love with him. and he told me he loves me too. but he has a gf. the twist was, we both love each other even before he hooked up with the gf. and we both were too stupid to tell each other (dont wanna ruin our friendship - konon =.="). welp, actually, he was being stupid la. coz i did tell him :P but no actions from him means not interested ma, no meh? so i got hooked up with Mr Pseudo Sugar Daddy la... aiyak... malas to talk about the past la) anyway, fast forward to present day. i received a surprise call from him yesterday. surprise coz eventho we are good friends, we dont keep in contact that much anymore. he has his own life and own circle of friends and a gf, i have my own. but when we do meet up, it's as if like we've never been apart before. our chemistry is damn great :) so he told me things that i wished he never said. wait. i dont wanna talk about him liao. (i know i know, potong stim only, but i just realized i really dont wanna think or talk about him coz it will only make me depressed)...

so small cow is coming over tonite... late at nite... i think... to stay a night coz tomolo we are going to watch movie tomolo, courtesy of Mr. K :)

erm... i forgotten what i wanna write alre, i itchy backside went and surf net for awhile and now back here, i forgotten what i wanna write...

oh well... happy valentine's day all :)

p/s: no, i m not dateless tonite, but i think i am :P the point is, mr pseudo sugar daddy promised to meet me today. but hor, his promises is like points in Whose Line Is It Anyway? so anyway, i am already mentally prepared to get ffk by him :) but if he shows up, erm... ok, i just realized i am not that keen... fuck....

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