Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Cow is....

... fucking happy with her room :) all thanks to lm :D

welp, you see, i occupy 2 bedrooms. masterbedroom and the middle room. so what happen is i sleep in the middle room coz the aircon is installed there (long story) and my clothes are and the queen size mattress is in the masterbedroom. anyway, yesterday, out of whims, i've decided to move the 2 single mattresses in the middle room to the masterbedroom and the queen size bed to the middle room (which i know is long overdue) and to top it all, i've decided to install the spare tv and dvd player (which i had intentions to donate to salvation army) in the middle room :D and now, the middle room which i sleep in is so damn fucking cozy i just dont wish to leave the room anymore :D oh, small cow, the light in the masterbedroom is finally fixed.... but it was done in such a stupid way that i feel like kicking myself everytime i switch on the light :P

oh yea, the masterbedroom toilet is out of service for the next couple of days. the unit below complained that their toilet ceiling is leaking, so the contractors came and put some cement around my toilet bowl. and i almost had a heart attack last nite. i thought i lost my mobile phone. coz after everything has been done, i went to my bag, which i've left in the living room and i couldnt find my phone. my 1st initial panicky thoughts was, oh shit! kena stolen by the contractor! i wanted to burst into tears liao... coz my hp is like my life. without hp, i cannot survive - yes, i m a hp addict :D so anyway, got lm to call my hp but we couldnt hear the phone ringing. then we trace back to before coming home, we had dinner at the nearby tomyam stall and i asked her if she noticed i took out my phone and she say no, so she told me most likely it's in my car.... so we quickly went down and thank goodness it's in the car. *imitating Jojo's Circus* So what have you learned today Big Cow? (yes, i love watching Jojo's Circus - especially when i was high on weed last time :P) Big Cow says: I've learned that I should always be mindful of my own possession and do not leave my things lying around and i've also learned that i should not jump to the conclusion so soon and be calm when shits happens!


anyway, mr finger strikes again. this time it's not even funny. we have an import shipment today. and he suddenly ask me if i've informed customer on the delivery date. which i didnt la. i totally forgotten monday is a public holiday. then he ask me if customer is open tomorrow and if yes, open until what time. so i called customer la. after arranging with customer to deliver tomorrow before 1pm, he come and tell me: got time meh? the driver still needs to go to rawang, how to make it?? which pisses me off la... i told him off: harlow??? you are the one asking if they are open tomorrow and if we can deliver tomorrow. if you fucking cannot make it, then dont give such a fucking solution and make me call customer! you already know cannot make it, why not just tell me to tell customer we are delivering it on tuesday? why ask me to ask so many fucking questions??? he couldnt answer me and told me he will arrange to deliver tomorrow as promised to customer, which also pisses me off. if you can do it, do it, dont go and tell me cannot then can. like wtf?? macam i dont scold him 1 day he feel uneasy, needs me to scold him daily liddat!

let's not even talk about mr s. everyday just step into office only he will start picking on all of us like we have done something wrong. and he kept on asking a question which he already has the answer but he wants us to answer it in the EXACT sentence in his mind. and if we didnt say the EXACT sentence, he will ask relentlessly eventho what we answer is the answer he seeks except not in the EXACT sentence he wants. YES! HE IS FUCKING CUCKOO! so he will ask and ask and ask and ask (multiply that in 10 times with agitated tone like we all owe him few million dollars) and when we finally lose our cool, he will shut up and go hide in his corner.


to explain further what i meant by he wants EXACT sentence, for example:

his question: How many pick ups does Ah Beng has?
his sentence in his mind: 3. Ah Beng is picking up ABC, XYZ and TUV to SG.

Our answer: 3

his question: no, you dont understand, i want to know Ah Beng is going where today

Our answer: TUV, ABC, XYZ

his question: *begining to raise his voice* so? how many pick ups? go where? to where?

Our answer: 3 pick ups, TUV, ABC, XYZ, to SG

his question: *get very agitated* i think you really dont understand my question, lemme ask again: How many pick ups does Ah Beng has?

Our answer: ya la, 3 pick ups. TUV, ABC, XYZ, to SG

shouting at us: why cant you say: 3. Ah Beng is picking up ABC, XYZ and TUV to SG. ????

please kill me now.


  1. 1. glad you enjoy your cozy room...

    2. glad you learnt you lesson ....

    3. Next time, Mr S ask question give him exactly the sentence he wants.. this will shut him up!!! and you will have a happier time...

  2. but ah jie, we all dont know what is EXACTLY the sentence he wants coz it's all in his mind... he expect us to read his fucking mind wor... how??