Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mamma Mia!..

... here i go again! my my! how can i resist you??


guess who is gonna catch Mamma Mia the musical this Saturday?? ;) i was in the midst of falling into depression just now coz things sux... besides catching Mamma Mia this Saturday, i dont have any other plans line up and staying home another weekend is getting on to me (i suspect i am having good TVB dramas withdrawal syndrome....small cow!!!! help!!! get me Gem of Life!!! :P)

so anyway, i was minding my own business just now doing my job, and suddenly i heard.... Fraggle Rock and i was like wtf? who has the same ring tone as me?? only to realize hey! one of my ex highschoolmates is calling me!! (yea... i gave that group Fraggle Rock ringtone coz we all grow up watching that ma) So anyway, Art called to invite me over to his place this weekend for a pot luck bbq (when told minger, she went what? pot luck bring RAW food??) after hemming and hawing (i havent warm up to the idea of hanging out with them yet, that time) and asking him 1001 questions like who is going? how come i m invite (i know this sound weird, but the thing is, it's been really ages since i last really hang out with them - think back to good old Singapore days)? why the sudden plan of having this gathering? what am i suppose to bring? and all those craps, i've finally warmth up to the idea! :D so yay! this saturday got gathering!!! :D

ok, i know i still owe u a post on what long post i wanna blog about. it's basically about ifer and i. nothing angry, dont worry, and nothing bitchy... just something that i've sort of concluded. :D

ok la, back to work!

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