Friday, March 11, 2016

Feeling super sad, jaded and disappointed at the moment.

I feel like I m in a fucking rut. Seriously hate the feeling of helplessness. Hate that I am stuck in the predicament that I am in.

Sometimes I wish to really take the fucking selfish courage and just pack up and leave. But I know I cannot live with the guilt for the rest of my life.

I am increasingly pissed off and bitter as days goes by.

I get it, I am the daughter. I get it, I have to be filial. I get it.  But please stop harping on it and kept on giving me the guilt trip every single fucking time you want me to do something!

I honestly feel like I have been pushed to a corner.

The maid has been giving so much problem and when I highlighted it, I was asked to deal with it. Words are so damn fucking cheap.

Work wise, I m increasingly pissed off with the management. I have never worked in a company that doesn't value their staffs at all. In fact, their attitude is that the staffs are supposed to be grateful to be employed by them! When shit happens, instead of solving the issue and ensure that the issue will not arise, they launch a witch hunt and not solve the issue at all.

Colleagues wise, I still super love my team.

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