Friday, February 26, 2016


i love my current team members

they are a bunch of kiddos. age 20 and 18yrs old.

BQ - 20yrs old - is my assistant - who is also gay. and you know how much i love gays! i find them super fun to be with :D He and BL are our big boss' nephews. i am currently training him to be a good manager and giving him empowerment - in preparation of my exit.

BL - 20yrs old - BQ's cousin. Who recently got promoted to be tech guy. i promoted him coz i feel that his strengths are in tech stuffs. he is one of the sweetest and nicest boy on earth. We all label him as "angel" wahaahhaahaha. BL's biggest problem is low self esteem and no confident at all. He is always second guessing himself until he always make silly mistakes.

JoJo - 20yrs old - super sweet and funny girl. super responsible. she is here for a few mths waiting for her STPM result. She is super proper. ok, wait, her whole family is super proper la :P Her lunch time must be 1pm sharp and her dinner must be 7pm sharp. the best part about her is, we do not need to teach her twice. she catch up very fast. even her 1st day here, all of us was so impressed with her. and she has been consistently stable. i think she will be very successful in what ever she choose to major next time.

Keiko - 17yrs old - the baby of our team. in all sense. she is super small size and short. 145cm nia. so cute. every few days, customer will comment about us hiring underage kid to work. she is very introverted. so she is actually struggling with this sales position. since she will be leaving soon, i am just gonna close one eye.

We all think Keiko and BL are super cute together. both also so introverted. can see both likes each other. but since both also so introverted, both are not doing anything about it. so we are all trying to get them together. :D creating opportunities to work together :D whenever we go supper, we will make sure they are seated next to each other. go movies also make sure they are seated next to each other :D so far i think we it is sort of working la :D

I make it a point to ask them out for supper at least 3 times a week so that we all can bond better. I believe this is a good way la. Coz i remember last time when i was working in Changi Airport, my team leader treats us that way. and our team always got the best team awards coz all of us were super close with each other. and i missed these kinda team spirit :) we even went on trips together during our off days. i still vividly remember our Bintan Island trips. Genting trips, cruises, mahjong sessions, weekend chalet funs... etc... i miss them la! Ok, lemme call one of them now

*ends abruptly*

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