Saturday, February 27, 2016

How to hard sell and be desperate

And also hor, no matter how much I love u and want u to break off with siao ding dong, I will never ever do crazy stunts like posting shit on fb nor provoke her ah. This is between u and her. So u can rest assured ah. And it will not benefit me at all la. Coz it will make u pissed at me thus menjejaskan our friendship. I only want u to be happy. And I know u will be happy with me 😂😂😂😂😂😂 (can't help to boost me up a bit!) wahahahahahahahahahahahahah

This is how, my kawan-kawan sekalian😉😂

So I started another round of telling him how I feel and trying to convince him why we should be together (and failing miserably 😂😂😂)

I m honestly not that sad though. Maybe coz I could openly tell him stuffs and he could openly tell me no in so many ways. It makes this rejection so much easier to bear. I think. Or maybe I m so used to him not liking me for so many years, that's why this time round when we could openly talk about it like an adult and not play any guessing games,  it gets easier.

But I honestly wish he could give us a chance. Try and see la.  Belum cuba belum tau mah! We only live once leh! 😉😮

Oh and yes, he is attached to a siao ding dong. And the more he tells me his side of the story, the more I feel he is better off without her la. And he told me I am not the only person who asked him to break up with her, ok? His mates also! I mean it sound like she doesn't understand him nor love him that much leh. The stunts that she do is really 😱😱😱😱

100+ missed calls in 1hr when he is busy working

Insist on video call when he is out dinner with his clients so that she can see that he is not lying (super wtf)

Installed tracking app on his mobile. When he is someone who enjoys freedom.

Called him long distance and scream at him for an hour for not calling her that week. All these on his expense coz he is paying for all her expenses and more in KL! Wtf?!

Stalk his friends on Facebook and get dramatically pissed off and hate his friend (me)  just coz they don't want to accept her friend request. Psycho ding dong bitch la!

Picking fight with him over small issues, like, after a long day at work, he just wanna zone out watching footie or read, she get pissed and pick a fight. Oi! Self entertain la, ding dong! It is very normal to want to have "me"  time leh! Tak kan wanna get stuck in the hip and talk non stop everyday ka? U go get urself a Siamese twin la! Tiu!

Be appreciative when ppl is paying for your all expense paid for trip to see him la! Instead of bitching about "feeling tired"  or "another long trip". Harlow?! If you really fucking love him, this is a trip of excitement instead of tiredness lor! What is 13hrs flight when you could see or spend time with your love?! If I am her, I will be bouncing with excitement lor! The excitement and adrenaline rush will make be not feel tired at all lor!!

Sigh. I just feel sad that he is not being treated well la. Coz I know I will give my best and everything to make him happy.

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