Monday, December 10, 2012

In Love :D

I have fallen head over heels in love with him :D

I guess the turning point was last Friday night / Saturday morning when we chatted on FB till 5 something in the morning.

We found out we have more things in commons and the stuffs that he tells me makes me wanna fly over there and then to just hug and comfort him. And that's when i told him i love him :P

I love him coz he is super smart (although he dont think so). I love him coz he makes me happy. :D We get each other's jokes. We are able to communicate really well :D I love the way he call me Sayang :D

Lemme bask in the glory of love for awhile ya. I dont want any bubble bursters. I know if i listen to my brains, it will be super disturbing. So at this point of time, i just wanna listen to my heart and be happy :D


  1. The feeling of falling in love is really great! So just enjoy the moment for life is short!