Friday, November 30, 2012

senseless post

Bas and I have been whatsapping each other everyday. people are thinking we have something going on. apparently my face lit up when i am typing my message to him.

no, there's nothing going on.

he is "on" back with his on-off-on-off-on-off super sexy Thai gf. Yea, he show me her picture.

me? i am not even putting a single hope in any relationship with him. this is too long distance la...

but that doesnt stop us from calling each other "baby" "sayang" "dear" "darling" all the time. that doesnt stop us for showing each other concern and flirting everyday. or talk about sex with each other.

the thing is, it's all text messages. it will not happen due to the distance. i dont see myself flying to Holland in any near future nor him coming to Malaysia. so what's the harm of texting/sexting? :D

i appreciate his honesty a lot. he told me of the 3some he had when he went disappear in Penang for 12hrs :P and i seriously think he is super funny and smart. we get each other's jokes. and that ends there.

however, the other day, a thought suddenly popped up in my head. he is the exact criteria i WAS looking for in a guy when i was much younger. open live in relationship. so contradictory, right?

anyways, not gonna analyze too much and just go with the flow :D

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