Saturday, October 8, 2011

Do we really need a man??

1st, lemme just say this, it is prolly me. i am prolly the weird one for feeling the way i feel and blogging this post...

i noticed there are quite a few females around me who are seriously desperately needing a man. and i get annoyed by it. it's like all the bloody conversation revolves around getting a man. revolves getting into a relationship. and honestly, i am quite sick of it.

yes, i know i also have thousands of crushes, likes thousands of guys. but that's just it. i dont NEED to be in a relationship with them. oh ok, i forgot, i have the phobia of committing in a relationship... but still, that's beside the point!

i am honestly really really really sick of these females. why so desperate? why cannot be independent? or, why need a guy by your side to show off??

here's a few case studies:

Moon - my ex workmate. the bloody moment she just joined us, she talks non stop about guys, about relationship, about guys going after her, about her being in one relationship, about her being out of the relationship and into another...all in a span of few weeks. and whenever she is in a relationship, she talks about it like it's a trophy she has won. super proud. and that's fucking annoying. i mean harlow, you wanna be in a relationship, go be. no need to show off one. you gimme the fucking impression that you were so unwanted, so unloved, and once you are in a relationship, you need to show off to the world that you are in fact not unwanted and unloved. honestly, why do you need to prove to the world? insecure much? *shakes head*

Ruby - not aunty Ruby of Cherating ah.... another Ruby. My current officemate. this one geng. 1st day i joined, she asked if i am married or have a bf. i think it's none of her fucking business but i answered anyways. nothing to be ashamed of, i'd say. then she tells me, she is 42yrs old never been married and ppl are all laughing at her. i told her it's her life, her choice. why bother what others think? eversince then la... everyday also talk to me about how unwanted she is, but she is not desperate. she just kept on passing judgement on herself, like how others will judge her. erm... newsflash, you think like that, obviously others will think like that of you la! what do i do when she talks about these? i just shuddup and eat my food and ignore her :D

Gold digger distance cousin - she is forever talking about finding a rich man to latch on and then never to worry about money again. she is desperate for a rich man. so desperate that she can do anything just to get one including betraying others. *true story* i guess she is the one that trigger me writing this post. i saw her FB update about wanting to eat chocolate, but decided not to. and her main reason is coz she wants to get a man. harlow????? need or not wor? wanna eat chocolate, fucking eat la....

seriously, why do women feel the need to have a partner to fulfill their lives or existence? why cant they just be happy and contented being alone and if the right one comes, he or she comes. no need to push or rush and be so desperate one leh. i honestly think it's perfectly normal to be alone until the right one comes along. if he/she ever comes - doesnt really matter, actually :D. in the meantime, i will just do what i do and enjoy what i love and that's it.

oh, btw, all those countless of crushes i have, they are just crushes. :D i admit, i am in love with a guy and at the same time having countless of crushes. and that's just it. some ppl might think it's quite pathetic to be "secretly" in love with this guy.... i also think so. especially when i know he is definitely not into me :D so i am moving on... with many crushes in between to lessen the impact :D

i used to talk about roller coaster rides and what not. this ride has ended some time ago and i am still trying to unbuckle myself to step out of it :D

so to conclude, i think women should fucking be independent and stop using a relationship as their fucking status quo measuring tool. if they feel the need to behave this way, i just hope these women stay outta my life. *shakes head*

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