Friday, August 19, 2011

Urban Legend Karchengs

i have this 2 karchengs whom we used to play together when we were young. They are brother and sister. The guy's name is K and the girl's name is D and they are older than me. anyways, when we were growing up at popo's place in Sunrise Park,every Christmas and Chinese New Year will be full of fun and laughter. K loves to play with fire. Every evening when kong kong is burning the grass that he cut, K will be the 1st one to volunteer to help kong kong :D btw, we were quite a naughty bunch :P every Chinese New Year, K will be the one lighting up fireworks & firecrackers. D, we are not that close. Coz she is an introvert and dont really mix with us. she will always sit at one corner with a book and we will not bother her.

K was a very talkative boy. Our aunty told us a story abt K when he was a small boy before and it was really really funny. The story goes like this. K's mom was busy with her house chores and K was following her around the house rambling non stop and K's mom lost her patience and told him:

"Go talk to the wall!!"

K, being obedient, went to stand in front of the wall, sobbing.

Then next thing K's mother heard was, K sobbing and saying:

"Wall, wall, why dont you talk to me??"

:P everytime i think back of this story, i will start laughing. seriously damn cute!! :D

Anyways, K & D suddenly one fine day stop coming back. We were all puzzled. They stopped talking to us. And that was almost 30 yrs ago. Even CNY, they will purposely go visit our grandparents when all of us left town. weird. it came to a point we actually labelled them as our "Urban Legend Cousins". Legend has it that we have this pair of cousin whom we have not seen. We have heard of them, but not seen them. Do they really exist? :P

There was once when i was working in Changi Airport, and K is a Flight Attendant. He was queue outside my counter. When we saw each other, i smiled at him and he immediately went next door instead. i was insulted. that was about 15yrs ago :P

Anyways, K recently suddenly added all of us in FB. we knew his existence in FB. We tried adding him but he rejected. Then suddenly one, day, he decided to add all of us. and he has been really super active with us since. :D We started to reminisce about the good old days and we are still trying to encourage him to meet up with us in kluang with his wife (we were not invited to his wedding as well) and his kids! :D

As for D..... who??? :P

That's Minger's reaction everytime we mention D's and K's name :D she will pretend she do not know we have these karchengs :P

D is still MIA. the sad sad part of it is, she is a doctor and when kong kong was hospitalised, she didnt even made any effort to come back. even until now when kong kong has been bedridden for almost 10yrs now, she didnt even come back. The aunties were secretly wondering (we heard their not so whispers) if kong kong die, will D show up? i dont know. :(

But i am really happy K is sort of coming back to our lives coz i remember him to be the super fun karcheng :D

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