Tuesday, August 16, 2011

silly little crush

met my 2nd cousin whom i have a crush on Sunday. I managed to convinced my dad to bring popo, taiku and unc hock to visit that cousin's dad - hoping that the cousin is in :P and he was!! :D

the last time i met this cousin of mine was during MOAR and i was sooooooooooo shy and self conscious that when he talked to me, i was sweating, blushing and specs all fogged up!!! and guess what? when he came down from his room to meet us in the cool living room (just finished raining)at his home, he spoke to me and immediately i blushed and sweat and specs all fogged up again!!! niama! he must be thinking i m some kinda freak or a sweat factory =.="

i dunno why i get all high school-ish whenever i am around him =.="""

we 1st met and knew each other was abt 22 yrs ago when my good friend, Jading Woonding, just came back from a 1 mth intensive English course in England and she was gushing about this guy AC who is from SS2. So we managed to persuade our parents to let us travel up to KL on the pretext of meeting up her UK trip friends - unchaperoned - :D we were 13-14yrs old then. ya u know my age now :P. anyways, we went to SS2, to his place and he brought us to Swenson's for ice cream and hung out a bit before we went back to cheras to stay at some adult's house. Jading Woonding kept in touch with him for a few more mths. then stopped. then fast forward about 6yrs later, we were invited to his sister's wedding in Allson Kelana Seremban. And on the way there, my dad kept on telling me that the uncle's son's name is A. and i was thinking, tak kan so coincidental, it's the same AC? then when he appear before my eyes, decked in suits and what not, my heart stopped. it's really the same AC! he looked damn smart lor... :D and i was damn shy and hid behind my aunties. he didnt see me =.="" yes, i am super lame. i know. =.=""

then fast forward 15yrs later, we met at MOAR. Actually i saw him when i was doing the receptionist duty at the banquet. he just arrived from KL. But he did not register himself at the reception table and my heart was thumping like mad. i dun know why. :P then during the banquet i kept on stealing glances at him from a far. but he didnt see me la. then that nite, i logged in to FB and chatted with him. pretending to ask him if he came for MOAR :P and he said he did and he said he saw me and i told him i didnt see him. The next morning, he came and approached me and that's when i sweated and blushes and specs all fogged up and i remember talking really incoherently like an idiot =.="" then i added him on MSN and we do chat occasionally :D

then 1 yr later, i met him at his house. aih... it's really a very silly high school-ish crush and i dunno why am i behaving like this =.="""

and ya, he is still single and i dont think he is available anymore. the last time i chatted with him, he has a gf alre... oh well :D

I dont expect anything to come out of this silly crush anyways :D but it makes me feel damn young :D and giggly :P

btw, yes, i do have a lot of crushes on a lot of ppl :D

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