Monday, August 29, 2011

26th August 2011

The day started pretty mundane. Then on the way back home, i was almost bang by an asshole Alphard on purpose. I was making a LEGAL u-turn, i saw the Alphard pretty far away, about to go thru the 1st humps (there are 2), i slowly inched out. The crazy asshole decided to speed up and didnt even slow down at the 2nd hump as if he is unhappy that i am doing the u-turn. i was shocked that i looked like a deer that got hit by the headlights. i froze and couldnt drive. he stopped just abt 1 inch away from my car. And then he honked. niama..... asshole...

i drove home shaking. i was pretty freaked out. as i was waiting for minger to come back so that we can go dinner together, the babes planned to yumchar. we made plans to meet much later, after my dinner, after small cow's drama series and after nikie's family dinner :D

we went to the nearby mall to have dinner. as soon as we got our table, i dropped everything there with minger and rushed to the toilet. when i came back to the table, i was stunted to see the my bloody psycho stalker working there and we saw each other face to face before he diverted his eyes to the ground and walked away. i was pretty shaken and i asked minger if we can just leave. but she has already ordered. so fine, i had an uneasy dinner. i m very sure he got the job there to stalk on me. why? coz he is staying in setapak area and the restaurant is in ara damansara. that's like freaking far! and he knows i like that restaurant chain! we also suspect he is renting a unit at the opposite block. that's why i am always seeing him at the opposite block looking into my apartment.

Anyways, we shared our food as the portion is pretty big... here are the stuffs we ordered:
Some Salad :D

My all time favourite - Mashed Potato!! :D

 Buffalo Wings with "Hai Han" :P

as we were about to finished our dinner, Lisa and Lawr walked in and coincidentally were seated next to us :D we started taking pic of each other just to kacau each other :D

Went to fetch Small Cow at 10pm and then fetched Heavenlytigerlily and Nikie before heading to Cheras Business Centre to meet Toothless for snow beer and ham yuk :D we ended up ordering damn alot! :D here are the stuffs we ordered:

 Snow beer.... it's basically ice blended / slurpee beer :D

 Deep Fried Sotong

 Ying Yong Kailan 

 Salty Pork aka Ham Yuk

Lala in Herbal Soup - Herbal version of Sheong Tong Lala :D yumz!!

We talked and laughed until around 1am before we went back to PJ area. By the time i send Mich back, it was already 2ish. Slept at around 4ish

27th August 2011

Woke up at 8.28am to send Minger to Puduraya. We decided to go Petaling St for breakfast before that. Left Pudu around 10.10am and reached Subang SS19 to meet Linda and Tony for yumchar. Ended up sitting there for about 2 hours before Mich came over to meet me coz she wanted to eat. It was like Belinda was handing me over to Mich =.=" By the time we left the mamak, it was already 3pm and i was already half dead.

Went over to Mich's house to lepak and freshen up before going over to KD to meet up with Bie and Nikie for Snowflakes coz Mich was craving for the taro balls. After snowflakes, i parked my car at nikie's and we all jump into her car to Klang for steamboat :D my battery level was already dangerously dying....

As usually, when the gang meet up together, we will end up laughing our ass off. Went to I-City after dinner and it was really festive :D me likey.... but i was still dying....

by the time we left i-city it was around 1ish. Then we went to nearby nikie's house for yumchar and smoke shisha till 3ish. 

by the time i drive small cow back, i couldnt really concentrate much. almost bang the divider somemore =.=""

slept from 4.30am to next day around 6pm.

28th August 2011

Chanel's bday. wrote a blog post for her on my phone, but i fell asleep halfway. attempted to finish writing but couldnt do it :P Met Small Cow at around 9ish at nite for breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper. Then drove around before got stuck in a heavy thunderstorm.  car almost lose control a few times going back home. damn freaky!! Slept at 4.30am coz couldnt sleep =.="

damn boring post, i know... i m just typing for the sake of typing only :P

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