Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i know i know, i am neglecting this blog again.... i shall have a mental diarrhea now :D

1. i am not sure if this is the life i want to live. waking up at godforsaken hour like 6.45am daily then jam all the way to work. then work work work and then jam all the way back home to rush to cook dinner, after dinner, clean the kitchen, then mandi and tidur.... damn no life lor..... :( i think i m burn out.....Minger, this "cooker" is going on strike soon! :D

2. group purchasing sites are evil. really really really evil. been splurging damn a lot of these sites.... this is crazy!! :P

3. my colleague is being a bitch and a three quarter. but still bearable coz i dont talk to her unless necessary and i dont go lunching with her. why? coz i dont like the fact that she reports my movements (like where i had lunch, what i ate, how many fucking times i go toilet, how many rounds of water did i refill at the pantry) to my cousin (who is her friend). really, u 2 got nothing better to do than to talk about me all the time issit? go get a life!

4.apparently unifi is available at my block and i've just applied :D shld be getting it installed in 2 weeks time :D yay to porn movie streaming! :P

5. i wanna buy a property.

6. am on a battle with astro at the moment. it's a long stupid story. i owed them about $350++ last year and i didnt bother to pay them (my bad) and they did not even bother to chase me - they just suspended the account, so my guilty conscience has been nagging me to settle it once and for all. i settled it in April and the guy informed me that they are reactivating the account back. told them not to bother coz i dont need it anymore. just terminate it. then he told me they will charge me 2 mths subscription for termination. and i told him that's stupid. like that i might as well dont clear the bill. after much argument, he promised me they will not charge me. one month later, i received a bill for subscription. pissed me off. called them to fuck them up and they waive it off. mind you, i havent touch the bloody astro for ages! then few days ago, i received another bill of RM500 for cancellation fees. woi! wtf?? why the fuck do i even bother to proactively clear off the bloody bill of RM350+++ when Astro didnt even fucking chase me for it. And instead of feeling grateful that i actually bother to pay (i know a lot of ppl dont bother lor), they charge me even more??? what is this?? trying to leech more money from me just coz i am able to pay? stupid lor. i aint gonna pay. i didnt call them to dispute yet. coz i didnt wanna waste my phone bill (calling toll free number from mobile fone is chargeable), so now i am waiting for them to call me to chase me for payment. damn ridiculous lor. does it mean that once you fucking sign up to astro, you are not able to cancel it for life???? i seriously regret clearing the fucking bill now =.="""

7. watched Black Swan the other day. and seriously, it's so damn disturbing i cannot stop thinking about it. and not in a good way! tiu! *mental note to self: if ppl tell you a particular movie is disturbing, ask what kinda disturbing. if it's psychologically disturbing, DONT FUCKING WATCH IT*

8. on the other hand, thoroughly enjoy The King's Speech. love the subtle English wit and humor in their conversations :D

9. ppl who states the obvious or point out the obvious to me irks me. they are indirectly tell me i am blind or stupid.

10. i m pms-ing big time. or maybe i am pregnant. i dont know. time to get the bloody test kit.

11. i am fickle minded. i admit. but i've just met someone even more fickle minded than me. not only is she fickle minded, she is also very bossy and long winded. she can go on and on and on about her ideas with a lot of changes in the whole bloody speech and refuse to let you talk and will bark at you for interrupting. and then at the end of her speech, she will ask you what do you think? when you tried telling her, she interrupted you and tell you she knows. wtf???

12. met up with Ms Gan the other day to catch up. told me even more stuffs about the ex company. am glad to be outta there :D

13. i am certified evil.

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