Wednesday, July 13, 2011

everyday is a learning process ;D

Just learnt from my cousin in law that the reservist in SG is only until 40yrs old for normal guy.

I've always been fascinated with reservist units coz growing up watching Singapore TV show, we will suddenly see code names like Tango Mango, Warm Blanket, Fighting Spirit, etc flashing on the screen. And I didn't know what it means until my cousin in law told me a couple years back.

It's actually code words asking those units with those code words to report to camp within 4-6hrs. Meaning to say, after you have done with your National Service (NS), you will still be called back for exercise (reservist) yearly (I think). And the reservist quite fun one. Can catch up with ex-NS friends, can kacau the new NS recruits :D

So anyways, my cousin in law is officially discharged coz he has finally hit the big 40 :D

I asked him what's his unit's code name and I was disappointed it was something mundane. Told him I was hoping it was something fun like 'Katong Laksa' or 'Kaya Gooyoo' and he LOL and say: yummy! I will be readily defend these!!

Hehehehe...somehow "flying cockroach" and "flying swordsman" keeps on flashing in my head. I wonder got or not? :p

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