Monday, June 6, 2011

Obelix on OWC

big cow said (11:52 AM)
dont u want to have a sex slave as ur wife?
isnt that what most guys fantasize about?

Obelix says (11:52 AM)
I want my wife to be a sex slave.
very different

big cow said (11:52 AM)
same wat

Obelix says (11:52 AM)
actually.. if I have a sex slave, why would I want her as a wife

big cow said (11:52 AM)
the OWC
is training wives to be sex slave mah

Obelix says (11:53 AM)
yeah loh.. dun know what they are thinking.

big cow said (11:53 AM)

Obelix says (11:53 AM)
it should be a couple thing.. not something like that

big cow said (11:53 AM)
guys will be happy, right?

Obelix says (11:54 AM)
not sure leh
guys being guys.. will be happy but want more
I want my cock sucked everyday. I want to cum in mouth.

big cow said (11:55 AM)
that can be trained
apparently got customization one

Obelix says (11:55 AM)
now.. if I want a wife, I want to love her. I want her to love the taste of my cum.. and not do it coz I want it.

big cow said (11:55 AM)
as long as the husband will not visit prostitutes
as i said, can be trained one....

Obelix says (11:56 AM)
orr.. but taste is difficult to train
you like the taste of cum?

big cow said (11:57 AM)
i suspect some guys are applauding the formation of such club

Obelix says (11:57 AM)
I also say
dun need to suspect. its true

big cow said (11:58 AM)
hahaahahahaha.... but my guy friends on FB are against it..... i dunno if they are secretly applauding it and openly against it or wat leh...
taste of cum, depending on the diet of the person ma...
this one u trained me one

Obelix says (11:59 AM)
I think they are against it just for face.
I trained you? since when

big cow said (11:59 AM)
loooooonnnngggg time ago

Obelix says (11:59 AM)
should I tell you what I like?

big cow said (12:00 PM)
i m ur sex slave now issit?

Obelix says (12:00 PM)
haha.. wtf?
no lah. just sharing with you only
long time ago how did I trian

big cow said (12:00 PM)
can can.... cum
i mean the taste of cum la
u were on mango diet so that it can taste like mango when if and when i swallow... wahahhhahahaahahahaha

Obelix says (12:02 PM)
hahaha.. did you taste it?
if I cum outside of body, I like to give facial.. or cum in mouth with the mouth open wide.

big cow said (12:06 PM)

obelix says (12:07 PM)
is it too much for a sex slave.

big cow said (12:09 PM)
it's never too much for a sex slave ma
apparently they are supposed to love what their husbands do to them
i seriously think this woman is one horny little slut / bitch / whore :P heheheheheeheh

obelix says (12:12 PM)
haha.. I think so.. or is insecure
if its my sex slave, I want her to beg as well.

big cow said (12:12 PM)
how are u gonna make her beg???

these are the only conversation i can post up... the rest became too politically incorrect and if you dont know him well, you will get offensive and judge :D but he is essentially a very nice guy :D he is my Obelix, after all ;)

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