Monday, June 6, 2011

Coins obsessed...

.... ya.... from my previous post, you know i am seriously obsessed with coins. :D and words travels fast, i tell ya!! :D

Went over to abang's place yesterday to celebrate Kuantan Popo's bday and i get to change RM70.00 worth of coins!!! :D this can last me 14days! :D

Then when we were out for dinner, i didnt hear my phone rang.... after dinner, we went for froyo and i decided to check my phone.... wah...... 1 missed call, 1 sms, 4 emails, 2 FB msgs and 1 whatsapp msg!

I checked the missed call first and it was my dad. I checked the sms, it was my dad as well. That's a big surprise for me coz my dad dont sms - at all! His sms goes like this: Where r u?

waaaahhhhhh my dad uses short form!!! i know i sounded suaku, but you must know my dad. he is forever correcting my English and always scold me for using rojak English or bad grammar.... even when i sms-ed him and uses short forms like you = u, he will call me to reply me and before he hangs up the phone, he will tell me off for being lazy for not spelling 'you' correctly. ya... my dad is the English police or something :P

Anyways, seeing my dad's makes me think that he must have something urgent to talk to me la... since he called and sms-ed. I called him back only to tell me that one of his badminton kakis was my highschool mate and he is planning to come up to KL today and my dad asked me if i want to my dad to pass the coins (RM1000 worth) to my ex-highschool mate...... SIAO ah????

1) RM1000 worth of coins is equivalent to 200 days!!

2) It's fucking heavy wei!! how to bring up to 3rd storey la??

So i told him it's ok, coz i am planning to go back to Kluang on the 1st weekend of July (yes!! i m finally going back!!!!)... furthermore, it's so damn weird... i havent seen that ex-highschool mate since after SPM and i have no wish to socialize at the moment la... all those small talks makes me feel damn ill at ease! :D

But ya... my coins woe is temporary solved... but i am still slowly collecting la... always consciously using notes to pay even though i do have the small change :D

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