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Disturbing news...

News #1

Cabby charged for allowing rape to happen in car

The driver, who did nothing to stop his friend from raping the passenger, instead took a longer route allowing his friend to continue the deed. -AsiaOne

Fri, May 27, 2011

CHINA - A taxi driver who did nothing to help stop a rape from happening in his vehicle was jailed for two years.

Cabby Li Wenkai did not stop his taxi nor called the police to stop his friend Li Wenchen from raping a 15-year-old girl. Instead he made a detour and took a longer route.

The rape happened on December 31, 2009, when the teen got into the taxi at a Wen Zhou railway station around midnight.

She was on her way to a bus station and agreed to take a taxi ride with Li Wenkai and his friend Li Wenchen, as the price quoted was relatively low at 5 yuan (S$0.95).

ChinaHush reported that the teen was originally seated in the front passenger seat, but was later asked to move to the back with Wenchen when the driver had to stop the car to check on a tyre problem.

When she had moved to the back, Wenchen repeatedly asked the teen to sleep with him, but his advances were rejected.

The man then raped the teen.

Wenchen instead threatened his friend and forced him to take a longer route to the bus station.

The cabby let the teen off near the bus station and his friend Wenkai simply changed the backseat covers before they handed the taxi over to the next driver on shift.

The teen immediately made a police report about her ordeal and her assailant was caught in few months. He was jailed for seven and half years.

It was, however, difficult to locate the driver who was finally caught a full year later in December 2010.

During the interim period, the incident had enraged the citizens of Wen Zhou city, and one resident had put out a 20,000 yuan bounty for any clues leading to the taxi driver's arrest.

Upon his arrest, the driver claimed innocence, claiming that his mobile phone had gone flat during the incident and he feared retaliation from the assailant as he had been threatened by him.

The court however, frowned on his lack of action to prevent the incident from happening or stopping it and handed him a two-year jail sentence for abetting the crime.

Li Wenkai has since been given the monikers 'cold-blooded driver' and 'brother cold' by the Chinese netizens. Many of them believe that the driver should have been handed a stiffer sentence.

so heartless! i can imagine the traumas the girl went thru weih!

Man stabbed in Marsiling dawn attack

Attack may be due to turf war between rival illegal cigarette sellers. -TNP

Sat, May 28, 2011
The New Paper

By Zul Othman

IT WAS early morning when Ms Fazleena Ramly was shaken out of her slumber by the sound of people shouting.

Puzzled, the 23-year-old peeked out of the window of her flat at Marsiling Rise and saw two men bickering.

"I could not make out any of the words, but I saw two men fighting," said the skincare merchandiser.

To her horror, she then saw one of the men stab the other with a knife.

The assailant fled soon after, she said.

Lying on ground

"The victim was lying on the ground, which was covered in blood," Ms Fazleena told The New Paper.

"He seemed badly injured and couldn't move at all...I took a picture of the guy and uploaded the picture on my Facebook account".

Another resident, who wanted to be known only as Madam Lim, also saw the attack.

"I was asleep and woke up when I heard the commotion. Suddenly, one of the men pulled out a knife and started stabbing the other one repeatedly," she said.

"When I saw that, I was so scared I ran back into my room and closed the window," added the 50-year-old housewife.

The police confirmed that a 51-year-old man was found at Block 131, Marsiling Rise, with multiple stab wounds on his body.

A police spokesman said they were called to the scene at 7am and preliminary investigations revealed that the victim was assaulted by an unknown man.

The assailant was said to have "fair complexion, described to be in his 50s and was last seen wearing a grey short-sleeve shirt with flower prints and grey bermudas".

They are now looking for the suspect and investigations are ongoing, added the spokesman.

The New Paper understands that the victim was warded at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and is said to be recovering.

Lianhe Wanbao reported that the victim might have been attacked in a turf war over the sale of contraband cigarettes in the area.

Quoting an unnamed resident, the report said the victim, who is nicknamed Ah Pui ("Fatty" in Hokkien), is a well-known face in the neighbourhood.

He said that Ah Pui has had territorial disputes with a man nicknamed Tiger over the sale of contraband cigarettes. However, he did not witness the attack.

The resident said Ah Pui lives alone in a flat in the area and is believed to have plied his trade at the alleyway next to a coffee shop behind Block 132.

"The way he sold the cigarettes was special... he would put a pack in the dustbin and loiter nearby.

Customers would reach in, remove the pack, put the money in and leave," the resident told Lianhe Wanbao.

A few residents and shop owners told The New Paper that they had heard about Ah Pui selling contraband cigarettes.

But one shop owner, who declined to be named, was taken aback when TNP asked him if the victim had been selling contraband cigarettes in the neighbourhood.

"I have also never heard anyone call him 'Fatty'," he said, adding that he was "completely shocked" by the stabbing.

He said the victim was a regular customer at a coffee shop nearby and he was "always friendly to us...he even has helped me carry my stuff from time to time".

"As far as I know, he's definitely not selling any illegal cigarettes here."

Nonetheless, the stabbing incident has shaken some of the residents of this quiet neighbourhood.


"I've been living here for nearly 20 years and it is normally very peaceful," said 65-year-old retiree Isman Halim.

"You do see people hanging out at the coffee shop till the early hours of the morning, but you don't hear of anything like a stabbing before."

Another resident, who wanted to be known only as Mr Tan, said: "I was at home getting ready to go to work when I heard shouting, but I thought nothing of it.

"I only realised that it was something more serious much later when I saw what looked like blood stains and a police cordon near the coffee shop."

Another resident of the block also told Lianhe Wanbao that he heard a man scream, "Apa ini?" ("What is this?" in Malay).

"I did not investigate the matter further. When I left home for work, the area downstairs was already filled with police officers," he said.

This news is also very disturbing for me. Why so bo chup one? See ppl kena stabbed already, can take pic and post up on FB?? Or see the attack, faster close window and hide in the house?? Harlow? call police la! how come not civic minded one? O.o

Actually hor, i've got things to bitch about..... work things... but hor... i decided to really fuck it la... i m after all quiting alre... and the ppl that matters has already been bitched to liao :D

cant wait to leave this hell hole as soon as possible. aih.....

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