Monday, April 18, 2011

Mini mental diarrhea...

1. stopped smoking for 144hrs before succumbing to temptations on saturday night whilst drinking with ex-colleagues.

2. mini drama happened on saturday night on the way back home. i was at the traffic light near my place when i saw a black big toyota from my rear view mirror without headlights turned on cruising down towards my car. instincts tells me that i should move to the next lane but i didn't -_- next thing i know, the car did not stop completely and i felt a slight bump. i looked at my rear view mirror but i couldn't see any driver. the car was fully tinted. i moved my car in front a bit and that fucktard moved too. sensing something isn't right already. when the lights turn green, i purposely drive slowly at the slow lane and the fucktard trailed me as well. i turned into the petrol station to let him go straight and he slowed down before proceeding straight slowly. i got kinda freaked out and did illegal u-turn to the neighbourhood police station only to find it closed and he was still trailing me. i have no choice but to drive back, hoping my apt's security guard will do something. i passed by the same petrol station and did the same stunt again to let him pass. he pass by again slowly. i drove behind him slowly so that he can be further away from me. see see he suddenly stopped at the junction in front, turned on the headlights and just waiting there! i panicked and decided to turn left into lala chong area to bypass him and come out at the other exit. when i came out, i speed up and drove like a mad woman. he speed up too and i was thinking, "aiyoh! hailat lor, if he is really crazy, he will definitely catch up with me within seconds and bang me" my heart was thumping damn fast. i reached my apt guardhouse all panicky and told the guard "tolong!! ada orang gila ikut saya!!" and right on cue, that crazy fucktard appeared behind me. in split second, the security guards armed with baseball bats started to shout at that fucktard, i saw 2 policemen ran over from the mamak next door, palm on their pistol holster and i quickly let myself in and park my car. i didn't dare to get down from my car and started to update my fb -_- i dont know what happened to the fucktard afterthat coz when i finally get down from my car, i can still hear shoutings from the guardhouse directions. i figured the guards knows my unit number anyway, so if the police needs to question me, they know where to find me. reached home and next thing i know, i started crying -_-

3. i finally have a proper fridge! :-) been using a minibar fridge for the past few years coz the most important thing for me then was my iced cold water and fruits :-) but when i started cooking, i realized i need a fridge badly. so i decided to buy it last week and have them delivered to me on sunday. the delivery man is crazy! woke me up at 7.30am to tell me he is arriving in one hour's time. and so i waited and waited and got annoyed when the knock on my door came at 9am! when i opened the door, i immediately regretted for being annoyed. coz this fella carried the fridge up 3 storeys alone!!! -_-

4. i m too sleepy to continue typing. good night


  1. wah.... so scary one. luckily you are alright. My god. Why so many crazy ppl out there one???? I wonder wat the fella wants la..

  2. hanor.... damn traumatising! =.="