Sunday, February 20, 2011

The old man came over just now coz i was lonely and decided to try my luck to see if he was available. I realized how detached i m from my body and feelings. I can go wham bang thank you sir without a single shame or remorse. Sex is sex. And he got pissed with me for he felt like a sex toy. Harlow? If a guy can do it, why can't a girl? Yes, it was a 30mins of quick fun that i needed and he came over solely for that, so why does he have to get pissed? If he wanted more, he knows i m the wrong person. And he knows very well why. Coz i won't give more if i don't receive more and he is not in the position to give more. Actually, i can't give more at all la. I gave him all last time and he threw it back at me. So why should i give again? :-) so ya, after the sordid fun, i thanked him. He got pissed and offended and i didn't really layan him and did my own stuffs. After he finished with his drama, we went out for dinner. Apparently the HM is out of town for a few days. Dragged him to have froyo coz apparently the few guys i've asked out for froyo, before i decided to call the old man, doesn't eat yogurt! Like Wtf? It's healthy and yummy le! :-p anyway, i digressed. We talked about the drama he created in his head and i think we are cool now la. :-) you know, in my version of a perfect world, i would have a guy who gets me, who is my best friend and we both care for each other but no hassle of relationship or commitment. We can hang out if we want to, we can still see other people but at the end of the day, we'll still have each other's back. Am i fucked up? *confused*

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