Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just came back from meeting my darling and i just can't stop smiling! She is so funny and cute! And stubborn like her mom! Lol! My other darling is too small and soft. I dare not carry him yet la :-p so anyway, seeing my darling always makes me feel better :-) had a rough day at work today. Foresee the roughness will go on for the next few weeks :( i wanted to stay back to help finish the other teammates' work but the boss is really really cranky and pissed, so decided to just leave. Not really in the mood to get scolded actually. I m having thoughts of looking for a greener pasture alre. See how his mood goes la. Back to baby chanel. She is super hyper! Damn siao! Mummy was telling me how chanel got really high from coke the other day and started to have glazed eyes and fengtao! Lol! I secretly wish to secretly feed her some coke just to see it! Lol! I m such a bad aunty! Lol! Everytime i see her, she will do something that makes my heart melt :-) there was once, they came over to my office to pass me something. She wound down the window so that she can give me a big hug thru the window! (cue: AWWWWW) ;-) tonight, when i wanted to leave, i told her bye bye and she went "bu yao bye bye!" and hugged me ;-) oh ya, eventho she is a taiwanese, "bu yao" is the ONLY chinese she knows! Lol! I m missing her alre! :-(

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