Sunday, February 20, 2011

I m blessed :-)

Went for banana leaf dinner with mudder and aunty Suzy just now. It was an impromptu thing as i was actually looking for drinking kakis but ended up it has been one of the most enlightening night of my life! :-) we went over to aunty Suzy's place after dinner and chatted till 3am over numerous pots of chinese tea :-) aunty Suzy is a very loving lady and i seriously feel blessed that our paths crossed in this lifetime :-) she shared with us her life experiences, the things she has gone thru and despite it all, she emerged as someone so full of live, love and positivities. :-) i've learned quite a lot tonight. Before i left the house today, i was feeling somewhat down. And from her stories she told us, it sort of makes me realized i should treasure whatever i have now. What she said about there's no lifetime friendship is so true. I used to worship and treat ifer as a friend for life coz she is still one of the only girlfriend i have who truly gets me. Truly gets my depressions and was truly supportive of my actions despite how self destructive it was. She was just there with me, sometimes join me at my self destructions road and we had great fun time doing drugs together. I vividly remember going to kkb looking for magic mushrooms growing on cow dung coz we had a friend who harvested it from there and refuse to tell us exactly where and sold it to us. No. I've never taken the shrooms before coz the idea that it grows on cow dung is really a turn off :-p. Anyway, i digressed. Ifer and i parted ways after 7yrs of friendship. I've always thought that we'll be friends again after time passes by and wash away those misunderstandings. But that was 5yrs back. And we are still not friends and after tonight, i realized we will never be friends again. God knows how many times i tried contacting her and how many times she rejected my attempts in really mean and evil ways. But it's all over now. Everything happens for a reason. She came into my life and left for a reason. The reason is it's part and parcel of learning process in life. So i m still thankful she was in my life for that period :-) that said, i also realized how stupid i was to almost try to lose a good brother (not you, Donny Ang) from my stupid selfish action. I think i have more to learn from him and i don't wish to lose him so soon. So here i m, i know u do read this blog, asking for your forgiveness for my stupidity :-p i know now there's no such thing as friends for life but i do hope we'll be friends for a longer time than this :-) truce boh? :-)

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