Friday, July 16, 2010

screw positivities and all those crap!

staying positive and upbeat is waayyyy too tiring. i am sick and tired of trying to be positive when negatives are pouring down on me.

woke up this morning with customer shouting at me asking me why hasnt her goods delivered to her customer yet?? then found out there's so many sides of the stories from Finger and 5cm which all doesnt really make sense, i give up.

then another complain about our dirty container in Thailand. after settled that, the stupid agent gave stupid excuses on why the cargo cannot reach my customer's place in time. he even belittled me and say that i do not know about customs clearance when i know 100% very well he is bullshitting coz i've just learned from the hard way about the bloody Form D procedures. Furthermore, the customer dont even need a fucking Form D! what a fucking load of bullshit!!!

then i received a stupid call from some stupid:

Me: Good afternoon, *insert my company's name*
Stupid: Harlow? osim issit?
me: no, this is
*insert my company's name*
Stupid: osim issit?
me: no, this is not osim. this is
*insert my company's name*
Stupid: cannot be, my record shows this is osim's number
me: no. this is not osim, we are a logistic company
Stupid: cannot be, my record wont lie to me
me: this is not osim. your record is wrong
Stupid: how you know my record is wrong??
me: because this is not osim!!!
Stupid: oh ok! where is this?

i am damn fucking tulan now.

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