Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Cow speaks

disgusting is one word that kept on popping in my mind recently. especially when i've finally open my eyes to see clearly. not a very nice sight indeed. but it's a good lesson. a lesson that will forever be embedded in my mind.

some ppl just do not get bored of playing the victim card. it looks like some old boring reruns or sound like a broken old record.

some ppl are just plain vindictive. which i am ambivalent to. i mean, what doesnt kill me will only make me stronger. so, bring it on :D

some ppl are just plain stupid. so stupid that they think and act as if they are smart when others are actually laughing at them.

some ppl are just plain childish. doing childish stuffs to get what they want.

some ppl are just plain manipulative. they uses guilt trip to get others to do what they want. just so that when shit happens, they will still look clean and yet the manipulated ones get blamed.

and i m glad that these ppl are flushed out from my life.

if you would want to hear my side of the story, i dont mind telling. you will be surprised how much facts some ppl left out just to make themselves look like they are the victims. *shakes head*

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