Monday, May 3, 2010

yay! i finally hit RM50 in Nuffnang! :D after, what?, 2 yrs?? :D

am i or am i not gonna withdraw? no la... i think will only do so in june/july then can put the money into my Tabung Kebajikan Singapore Trip :P

every little sen counts now.... =.="

met cousin fr SG for dinner last saturday. it was a mixed feeling thingie. i just cant help feeling she is judgmental and judging and telling me how to live my life altho i politely told her to back off a few times alre.

there is a crab session tonite in puchong and i am still sitting on the fence on whether i wanna go or not. i just cannot tahan the jam and what not.. =.=" if it start raining again at 4ish, then i guess i confirm not going alre.

cant think now. bye

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