Monday, May 10, 2010

my colleague damn one kind

i tell u ah... my colleagues damn 1 kind one.... so that (shit i cannot think of what nick name to give her), Ms. ADM came over to me just now asking me how to order pizza (my office area damn 1 kind one... only Domino's Pizza deliver to our area. even though pizza hut and mcds are just a stone throw away) so i taught her la... showed her the website to choose her toppings and check out the promotions. i asked her who is eating and she told me she, Ms. PA and Ms. PA's PA. and so she was at my desk checking out the pizza menu and then suddenly she went: eh! you order for me la! and i started to get tulan and told her off: harlow? you wanna eat, you order la. i am not even eating!!!

damn one kind right??

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