Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hmm, y not...

Was lazing on the bed enjoying the aircon n then suddenly i thought to myself, "hmm, y not cook the rice first and then when small cow wake up, will fry the sausages n eggs." So i went to cook the rice. Whilst washing the rice, i thought to myself, "hmm, y not fry everything now and then i can bathe and relax?" So i went to the fridge to get the sausages out. Then i saw my tub of ikan bilis and thought to myself, "hmm, i've got all the ingredients to cook the ikan bilis potato dish, y not cook it too?" So i took the ikan bilis out and proceed. Whilst preparing the food, i thought to myself, "hmm, we still have baked beans, y not cook that with the eggs?" and so i went to the canned food collection and suddenly this angry voice (sound exactly like small cow) came to my head, "woi! Enough la! U wanna cook how many things for just 2 ppl?!" i immediately woke up from my "hmm, y not...." trance. Lesson of the day is, a bored big cow is a crazy cow in the kitchen AND big cow have to stop her fickle mindedness when she is in the kitchen AND big cow has 2 voices in her head. No la more like that angel and devil voices that we sees in disney cartoons :-p. Conclusion is, today's meal for small cow is sausages, some ikan bilis potato dish, eggs and mixed vege soup. Damn balance, right? ;-) har? What kinda mixed vege soup, u r asking? Something like ABC but not. Coz the ingredients differ slightly ;-) it's pork bone (blanch it with boiling water 1st to get the clean soup effect and, no, don't worry, it's not wasteful), sweet corn, radish, carrot, onion, pepper powder and salt! So easy! Dump it all in the slow cooker and cook it overnight and voila! A wholesome peppery and sweet soup! Yumz! ;-) oh, i m still waiting for my sweat to stop so that i can chill and relax ;-)


  1. Brilliant? More like way too fickle minded ;)

  2. BigCow is always fickle minded when it comes to food :)