Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prawn & Chicken Soup Noodle aka 'Ai Xin' Noodles

... i finally bought gas. no actually, i finally have time to buy gas. The thing is, it's a huge hassle to buy gas over at my place. 1st, you will need to pay for the gas 1st. Then, you will need to spend the whole day at home waiting for them to deliver when they feel like delivering. So, i was gas less for about a year :D and then on Saturday, i decided that i wanna good something on Sunday and CNY. so i went to pay for the gas. only to be informed that they will deliver to my place on Sunday morning. So came Sunday morning, they didnt come. Small Cow went over to the shop and ask them and they tell her 3-4ish will come. so i camped outside at the living room doing nothing.... for a few hours. come 3.30pm, they didnt come. i called them up to screw them and they tell me 6pm only deliver to me =.=" damn kao tulan... wasted the whole day rotting at home doing nothing! finally at 6.15pm, the gas man came. mad happy. so i turn on the gas stove for the sake of turning it on. it was then too late to go out and buy food to cook alre. :(.

So, yesterday, i damn bo kam buan. Sudah ada gas, tapi tak sempat masak! Anyway, on the way back, i was thinking, i wanna cook, but too lazy to cook dishes and rice - too much hassle la... then i remembered someone taught me how to cook maggi with a twist. and i've decided to cook that. and decided to improvise :D here are sort of the recipe (i do agak-ration so i tak tau how many grams/teaspoon/tablespoon - follow your instinct la :D)


Prawns! De-shelled, de-veined and beheaded :D Keep the head to cook in the soup to make the soup sweeter :D

Diced chicken! Bought some chicken fillet, cut it to bite size, marinate it with soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, white pepper powder and chopped garlic (to get rid of the gamy smell / taste that sometimes chicken has)

Vege! To 'balance' the meal :D You can use any vege, i wanted to use the white chinese cabbage but the shop i bought from dont wanna sell me 1/4. so use this 'siew pak choy' instead :D Next to it is chopped cili api and garlic - eat noodles must have chili one leh.. if not macam lack of something :D

Soup base: Chicken cubes! :D Forgive me for such a small pic, i forgotten to take a pic of it so i googled it :D Anyway, bring a pot of 500ml water to a boil, add in 1 cube of chicken cube, a dollop of oyster sauce, a few drops of sesame oil and the prawn heads. boil until you think you are satisfied that the soup is ready (i boil about 6mins - coz that's how long it takes me to smoke a stick of ciggies :D), pour in the chicken meat (not all la, i used half of it for my 1 bowl of noodles), let it cook for awhile. When you think the chicken is about to cook, add in the prawn and vege and cook for another 1 or 2 mins. Pour it into a bowl when the soup is ready.

Noodles: bring a pot of water to a boil, throw in the noodle (i used 1 square per bowl) and cook until soft. Drain the noodles and pour it into the soup.

Voila! the noodle is ready! :D

It's seriously yummy lor... :D go ask small cow :D Thank goodness i enjoy eating my own cooking :D i know a lot of ppl who enjoy cooking but dont enjoy eating :D wait. i m most of the time like that too... but i was too hungry la :D

go try it! seriously nice and 'almost' healthy ;)


  1. makan no call ppl.. somemore eat 'aixin' noodle T.T

  2. Yummy, so much good stuffs (chicken, vege, prawns) in the noodles. *salivating*

  3. Nic: it's just an improvised instant noodles. liddat also wanna ajak meh?

    Mun: *nod head* u should try it too :D

  4. Redbabe: lol! go makan! lunch time liao :D

  5. got ppl cook and then only taruh inside mouth, the kebahagiaan.. whuish~ so ajak la..

  6. nic: u also no car, and i also not on the way to fetch u, and u also dunno how to come. how to ajak wor. somemore this is just instant noodles for goodness' sake! not say like i cook shark fins and didnt ajak you! =.="

    *super stressed*

  7. then wait for you to cook call for gathering.. ask ash to drive la.. i am poor where can afford license and car like u all.. muahaahhahaha

  8. nic: pls dont make me start. i m losing my patience already.