Thursday, January 21, 2010

when i 1st started blogging in, i used to follow a few asian american's blogs. anyway, there this guy who is damn entertaining by the nick Stilladick. yes, he is a dick. obnoxiously funny dick. he insults people whenever and however he pleases. then he stopped. for a few years. today, when i checked my old old email, i got a notification email from xanga and i was surprised to see his post. since it's protected, i shall just copy and paste it here la... i might even get an insult from him, but i just find the post too amusing and must share with you all :D

Latest Updates from stillAdick

people still use this site? people still send me messages on this to ask me to add them to my protected list. sure...just sign up for a tv. anyone who has been using this site regularly for the past 5 years needs to get one of the job/gf/bf/wii. by the way you can now follow me on twitter @ stilladick. just kidding. twitter and the whole idea of it is pretty dumb to me. i think it's useful for attention whore celebs, businesses and athletes to promote movies, connect with their fan base and what not...but for the everyday person? "i ate blueberrypancakes today"....who cares about you? and do you really care what ashton kutcher thinks? if you do, repeat after me..."do you want your coke refilled?"...cause that's part of your future career. anyways as i get older, i'm less hateful and dont wish mean things on people..but i want to see tila tequila die. drug overdose, stabbed, plane crash, car jacked. ok..death is a bit extreme...i'll be satisfied with her having multiple sclorosis (i dont know how to spell it). make her a jerry's kid. she's so ugly and gross to me. her whole vibe/persona is gross. and her face is shaped like quagmire's from family guy. next person on my list..lauren conrad from hills. she's not that amazingly pretty. she's not funny. she hates on all her friends who are happy...what a little bitch.

so the older i get..the more i learn. i learned how to yawn during meetings at work while i look someone right in the eye with a straight face without my eyes tearing. hurts. i learned how to have fake deep meaningful
conversations with people i dislike at work without puking in my mouth. i learned how quickly white women age versus asian women thanks to facebook. the girls i went to h.s. and college with look like shit now, especially the ones that got married and squeezed out a few kids. the ones that are still single and havent given birth yet...well they are still ugly and/or fat like back in college so that is moot. asian women age better. asian men get better at golf with age than white men.

oh..i dont know if this is recent but guys who wear skinny jeans..unless you're a jonas brother...dont wear them.'s not ok. dont. if you're skinny enough to wear skinny're too skinny. go eat a burrito from chipotle (my favorite fast food). unfortunately some guys and girls THINK they are skinny enough to wear skinny jeans and we be seeing muffin tops..belly jelly rolls...fat or flat asses being choked by denim. what's more unattractive....aside from blonde asian girls. and guys who wear those like thin scarves that are fanned out across their necks...i believe they are called afgans? afghanis? assfags? very gay. i rather dress like john gosselin. i see alot of skinny jeans on guys WITH those scarves in NYC. it's usually those douchebaggie hipsters tht live in brooklyn who listen to death cab for the cutie? i have no effing clue who they are but if you listen to death cab for the're probably a jerkoff. the whole guido phenomenom going on right now is from the 80's and 90's's just now getting mainstream play now with jersey shore (best show). the hipsters are the douchebags of today. oh i need to go out and buy a retro scooby-doo tshirt that matches my skinny jeans. those people go out looking for used....just call it used, not vintage...t-shirts that are corny or weird or it's the opposite and it's cool. how ironic! cool t-shirt man..can i be your facebook friend?!

of course it;'s always worse for the girls if you're old and trying try too. it's always magnified. cause everyone hates girls who try too hard. oh and if you're a girl in late twenties or thirties...and you're still single *gasp*'s over. open window....jump. not saying there arent exceptions...but you're probably not going to find someone at this point..or you're gonna marry a guy with kids or working on his second or third marriage. more or less...guys with baggage. he'll treat you good though...cause he'll know he messed up before and he will want to atone for past marriage mistakes. someone else's garbage..someone else's treasure. if you're in your thirties AND asian AND over. it's like playing mario brothers and you have one life left and you;re only on level three. you know you're not gonna win. so you're in a shitty relationship now but you're late 20's or 30's...aww could be worse (just marry him) or start picking names of cats (plural). guys are literally in their prime in late 20's up to 50's. anyways..single asian girls in late 20's to 30's..hopefully you have siblings and you can shower your affection and unused uterus on THEIR kids? every kid deserves an awesome aunt. on x-mas.."thanks aunt *insert your name* for the xbox!!!! you're the best!!!"...that'll make you feel good for a couple of hours up until a few days later you're watching ryan seacrest's new year's eve count down with a bottle of $15 champagne keeping yourself warm by yourself in your snuggie. nothing a good book cant cure right?'s different for white single women in their thirties...they have they will subject themselves to anything to find love (rock of love part 1,2, &3). asian women would never dare to use dating sites. they rather be alone. ganster. unless they want to try and be a china play doll for a balding white guy going through a phase and he'll never bring you home on thanksgiving cause his family is not doing anything that year (lies).

ok i killed some time...sign up for a free toyota prius or i'm not gonna add you to my super duper protected list's list of protected subscribers that are signed into xanga for some reason. seriously..if you're reading this right now..WHY are you logged into xanga where ever you may be? loser! (that doesn't apply to me)
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:D ok, maybe you all dont get my humor. but i still find his mean-ness damn funny lor.. :D


  1. omfg tht guy is hilarious! too bad he's not posting anymore lol.

  2. yah! there's another funny blogger from Canada... but he stopped blogging recently too:

    makes you wonder how come all these funny bloggers stop when they are so damn good at it :D

  3. ur right...he's pretty funny too but not as much as that dick feller.

  4. i think there are a few of them out there :D will have to find them :P will give u the links if i found them ;)