Monday, January 11, 2010

ok, i think i ate too much nasi lemak recently. you see, nowadays i always wake up late and cannot go elsewhere to get breakfast. so i always stop at the stall near my office to get a packet of food before i go to work.

i dont remember how long have i been doing that. but i think it's long enough and i need to wake up earlier to get breakfast elsewhere.

why? erm.... actually 2 weeks ago i already see the sign but i just buat duh and ignore it. here are the signs:

2 weeks ago one morning:
i went to the stall and the mak cik straightaway say: "dik, begedil dah habis la...." yes, i am a sucker for begedil coz not many places can do a good as the ones in Singapore and yes, i look young enough to be referred as 'dik' whahahahahahahaahahahahah

1 week ago one morning:
the pak cik straightaway say: "ah itu dia si adik kita. pak cik dah simpan 2 begedil untuk si adik" yes, i always order 2 begedil with nasi lemak sans ikan bilis. =.="

this week this morning:
i went there and the mak cik went: "dik, mak cik dah bungkus untuk kau" yeeeeesssssss..... now i dont even need to order leh... just go there and it's already prepacked!!! and somemore still panas panas one! meaning to say they even know agak agak wat time i go over there!

i need to stop eating nasi lemak. it's a very clear sign :P


  1. seems like u're sick not bcos of smoking. it is bcos of NL... =.=

    tmrw eat d, tell that mak cik oso.
    "makcik i dah sakit. jadi i tak datang 1 minggu until beli NL ye"


  2. lol.... i MUST sleep early tonight so that i can wake up early tomolo to buy breakfast elsewhere :D