Tuesday, December 29, 2009

big boss is back from china for the funeral. went there last nite with the CR guys. the whole family are not too overly distraught over it. so i guess we should just act normal lor...

anyway, as usual, being a social retard, i didnt know what to do or what to say. when Finger and i arrived there, we were standing by the side like a so hai coz big boss was talking to some guest and lady boss was escorting her family members to their car. so we were standing there awkwardly. then after awhile, big boss came over and talk to us and asked if we have pay respect to auntie and i told him: erm. no. i dont know what to do.

big boss look at me and shake his head. memang mah... i really dont know what to do.

then after awhile, lady boss came over and we talked and i told her the awkward moments. and she told me to remember the 1st thing is to go pay respect and burn joss stick..... ya. me social retard. =.="


latest update: small cow is in my apartment right now doing major cleaning AGAIN. she will be staying for awhile due to unforeseen circumstances.

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