Saturday, November 14, 2009

this is my attempt to somewhat blog...

currently my vision is very blur... why? coz today i hiao lor, put on make up and false eyelashes to work :P the eye lashes is too long for my specs la....

why put on make up? coz Ms. C got free tix from Mr. T to 2012 and she invited me and told me that she wanna celebrate my bday in advance. thank you <3

i've decided to enjoy while i can right now coz come my birthday this Monday, i will be crying like mad. why? coz boss just emailed us to tell us to be prepared to get scolded this monday when he comes into office. damn sien right, bday kena marah =.="

tomolo will be catching a movie with minger then dinner with LM.

i wish to go bagan lalang for aiskrim.... :( but no time :(

oh oh... i forgotten to say something... the other day MF and i were chatting briefly via FB and as usual, i was pretty down la... hard to bring myself up la... shit and drama keep on happening... so anyway, after chatting with him, i felt much more better, in fact, i was grinning ear to ear.... yes, he has the power to do that to me :( not even psychosmurf...

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