Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

yup, my bday today :D so far went 2 movies over the weekend. Saturday went with Ms AFM to watch 2012, not bad... a bit the kancheongfying.... and the fact that John Cusack is in it makes it even better :D

i remembered when i was younger, i fell in love with John Cusack in one of the teen movies... but i dont remember which movie and when i checked in IMDB, the titles all also not familiar one.... weird eh?

anyway, i had a great time with Ms AFM coz we talked alot... it was a great bonding session la :D

then the next day, went to watch The Box with Minger... my god! damn fucking boring wei! :D then went crab dinner with LM :D damn yummy :D

today? nothing much lor... force to come to work coz i've utilised all my leave alre T_T