Tuesday, October 20, 2009

swearing off drinking forever...

... :O how come?

Friday in the morning, received an email from Big Boss asking me to organize drinking kakis to Santini @ Tropicana City Mall. so off we went after work. and we drank and drank and ate and laughed and drank even more. i dont quite remember much, except that i was so drunk and wasted and i vomited like there's no tomorrow. infact, there is tomorrow and day after.... i continue to vomit till saturday nite almost sunday. it was crazy. i drank so much that i dont remember what i drank. and i remembered puking everywhere i go.... it was bad la... and it's a wonder that i managed to dragged myself up 3 storey to my apartment, locked up everything to continue vomiting.....

conclusion? never ever am i gonna touch any alcoholic drinks anymore. it's crazy la. i vomited so much until my stomach got problem liao... =.="

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