Monday, August 10, 2009

Kijal Trip update

was thinking of posting up pic... but hor... i am just too darn lazy to upload them :P

Friday 7/8/09
Left office at around 7pm, rushed over to Carrefour to buy mixer for our liquors, then rush home to sleep. see see, i terwoke up after 30mins coz i ter-ingat we forgotten to get cucumbers for one of the games =.=" anyway, solved it by getting Linda to get it for me since i am gonna put my car at her place and since she was in Summit when i called her :D

Played with Baby Chanel for awhile before Linda sent me to my office at about 11pm.

Our bus officially left office at 12.30am. Stopped by the 1st petrol kiosk coz some of us who hasnt converted to alcoholics needed to get some H2O for the journey. Whilst Big Boss, Allan and Jin2 decided to get ice to chill the many cartons of beers they brought along :D And i tell you, they really put what they've learned in science class in good use la. they actually bought salt to pour on the ice to make it cool faster :D

Tried to sleep on the bus, but it was tooooo bumpy... =.=" drank few cans of beer to try to make myself sleepy. but still cannot =.=" stopped at Temerloh for a short break and everyone brought down a can of beer each (so much about us non converts!) :D when we went back up to the bus, our dear bus driver decided to play some weird ass Thai-Mandarin-Hokkien-English songs and then played some weird ass dangdut mtv where the singers are mostly screeching their lung out and dance provocatingly macam having sex. i was laughing my ass off alone (shiok sendiri - coz everyone was sleeping alre :P) finally fell asleep on the bus only to be woken up by the fact that we have arrived Kemaman 2hrs earlier than scheduled! the crazy eye lined driver (yep, he wore eye liner! :D) drove crazily fast!

Saturday 8/8/09

We arrive Kemaman to look for the famous Hai Peng Kopitiam only to find out that they are on long break. and since we had some time to spare, we decided to head back to Kuantan for the said Kemaman Kopi. It became the most expensive breakfast our company has ever paid for :D RM460.00 just for coffee, toast buns, eggs and 1 chicken chop (Finance Manager ordered that and we kept on asking him where got ppl eat chicken chop for breakfast one??) went to the hotel only to find out that we cant check in yet, so we decided to hang out by the beach to continue drinking more beer. :D drank until lunch time, we went back to Kemaman to have Nasi Dagang / Nasi Minyak. note, i've not slept for the whole night and by then i have already consumed more than a dozen cans of beer :P when we finally checked in, we were too tired to play any telematch and i needed to bathe damn badly. see see after bathing, we were refreshed again and we decided to go down to the beach only to find big boss and lady boss and some others there drinking. and so we drank and laughed and joked (told them about the 5cm joke at the request of Lady Boss) and we laughed till we stomachache. checked out the sports centre, found out that parasailing is no longer offered :( anyway, we continue drinking and laughing and planning on the telematch which we were suppose to play in the morning, but changed plan, then suppose to play that evening, but the staffs were not at the beach, and we decided to play at night after dinner. :D

oh yea, it rained when we were at the beach, but we didnt really care and continue drinking and joking :D i laughed until no voice.

Went back to the room to get ready for dinner and drank till the shop closes and the owner literally chased us out :P

the aircon in the bus decided to break down at the moment. by then i was pretty drunk. and the bus took us to Paka to see the burning chimney at the petroleum refinery. more than 50% of us was asleep, me? i was enjoying my highness :P reached the hotel at around 12am, and boss decided that the telematch to be postpone again to the next morning. without informing the rest. smart. i baru teringat just when i was about to fall asleep. so i ended up calling everyone waking them up from their slumber to tell them of the telematch thingie the next morning.

Sunday 9/8/09

Breakfast, had only 2 croissants. too hot to eat. went to the beach for the telematch and laughed and shouted until no more voice. learned something new : beer + telematch under hot hot sun = stupid move. nevertheless, my team won! w00t! :D

went to Kuantan for Banana Leaf Rice for lunch and then go buy ikan bilis and stuffs and then continue to drink all the way back to KL :P


since Friday till Yesterday, I've drank 34.5 cans (0.5can coz i terminum someone else's beer :P) of beer and 2 bottles of red wine (yea, i dont drink red wine one, but kena forced) and we didnt even touch the rum, whiskeys, vodka and gin at all! :D i'd bet if it's a 3d2n thingie, we can finish drinking everything! :D


  1. wei.... looks like there is nothing much you guys did except for drinking...lols! Might as well just drink here...hahahaha...

    the famous kemaman 'hai peng' lousy one la... our kluang railway better than them 100x! you guys should have go for the famous kemaman stuffed crab further down the road from 'hai peng'. that one is good!

  2. yea.. yea... we went to makan the famous stuffed crab for dinner :D the food not bad la.. :D

    we tried the 'hai peng' punya branch in Kuantan and it's not that nice la :D either that or i am really biased la... nothing compares to Kluang's railway station or hoover :D

  3. really one.... so far, none of the kopitiam can be compared to our kluang's one. even those kluang kopitiams here, lousy like dunno wat. embarassment to our kopitiams.

  4. hanor hanor! i also think so! a lot of the kopitiams here just jump in on the bandwagon trying to milk money out of the name 'kluang coffee' :P

    i went to a kopitiam recently and on the menu it stated "Special Kluang Coffee" so i asked the boss where he got it, what brand and all those, he dont know how to answer :P

  5. stupid one la......... memalukan we, the kluang people only......

  6. hanor! hanor! :D

    talk so much about kluang, now make me wish to go back and makan all the yummy food la :D