Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kijal here we come!!


i m sooooo looking forward to the Kijal trip this weekend :D it's gonna be so damn fun :D

Last night went shopping for the prizes with Big Boss, Lady Boss & Finance Manager. And i choose the stuffs that i want :D and they were like : As if you can win all the prizes?? and i went: welp, at least when i win something, it's something that i DEFINITELY will like ma :D

cunning, i know :D but what to do, the rest of the colleagues dont even wanna go with us :D

anyway, after shopping, we decided to go TGIF for late dinner/supper. Had 5.5 glasses of Mojitos :D damn yummy la :D went home kinda tipsy and went on FB. after updating my status, i received an sms from MF @ almost 1 am:
Ok, have fun this weekend. Don't drown wahaha :D Saw your facebook posts few minutes ago. I'm still at office trying to finish the Freaking reports!
called him immediately after i received the sms, i called him and he returned my call and we talked a bit :D and i went to bed with a silly grin on my face. :D yea, i m soooooo in love :D please bear with me la :D it's all one sided anyway :D

going to buy more stuffs tonight with Lady Boss :D

oh oh... and the games that we came up to.... wakakakkakaka..... now i want Finger to be in my team... wakakkakakakka.... when Big Boss heard that i want Finger to be in my team, he (he still dont know the games yet) told me it must be something really really bad for me to actually volunteer to be in the same team as Finger :P

will try to post up some pics la :D


  1. thanks! :D it's my 1st time in Kijal, that's why i m so super excited :D

  2. I love it there. I love their white sandy beach that stretched for miles...:)

  3. ooohhh yea... :D but i didnt really play much on the beach... was pretty tipsy the whole trip there :D