Thursday, July 2, 2009

time flies...

... damn fast :D half a year has passed and in about 1 year's time, MOAR is gonna take place in Kluang :D this is gonna be interesting :D

currently those relos are getting rakus in how to identify all of us. wat am i doing? nothing! hahahahahahahaha let them discuss la... i malas nak input so much :D

i missed having those fun family gathering with my karchengs. as we all grow older, with more commitments elsewhere, it's sad to see us drifting further apart :(

anyway, yea, MOAR will be great and fun IF my karchengs go back too :D


  1. MOAR? wtf is that? u from Kluang also? do i know you?

  2. MOAR = Mother of All Reunions.

    Basically, a bunch of relatives of mine is organizing a reunion for all the decendants of my Great grandfather in Kluang next year July in Kluang. Venue will be at your old high school ;)

    Yes, you do know me :D but here not fong pin tell you, but i think you also can agak agak guess liao :D *think luna bar* ;)

  3. ahhhhhhhhh......................!