Monday, July 27, 2009

there goes....

.... good movies.... :(

i really love Sepet, Gubra and Mukshin a lot. it's one of the best (if not the best) Malaysian movie ever.

but i am ashamed. i was checking my Facebook on Saturday night when i was with MF, and almost everyone's status said something about her passing. and can u believe it? i dont remember her name and i can still casually ask MF, who is Yasmin Ahmad? after he said the director only i realized.... omg. there goes good movies in Malaysia. but i wasnt grieving that much la.... coz i was already grieving about MF.

small cow says i m too blinded by love. but i think i m just in love :D

just teringat tomorrow will be out of office... going to some course again in Wisma MCA. like yay. now only problem is, should i drive there and pay RM20+++ for parking or should i squeeze together with a throng of office workers in an LRT? :( either way, still have to wake up damn fucking early... cham or not? :(

wat's the deal with MF? no deal la. one sided love ma. that's why the drama is all mine.

anyway, meet up with the 3renes again yesterday. more like i impose myself on them. i insisted that i wanna join them for dinner altho i m like so damn full.. :P why? coz i miss my nieces damn alot! :D they are just sooooooooooo sweet :D here's their pic (i hope my bro aint gonna be pissed :P)
Eirene on the left and Serene on the right :D

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