Tuesday, July 21, 2009

recap (or some sort)

I know, i know, i havent been blogging as much as before :D

ok ok... lemme recap what happened.....


left office around... erm... what time ah? i think 8ish. then balik rumah to wait for Mingirl to come fetch me to go Cineleisure to collect tickets for HP6. it was such a good idea then. since the movie starts at 12.15am :D.... but see see, after collecting and balik, we sampai rumah at 10pm and by the time mandi habis, 10.30pm and by then, Small Cow already habis kerja and on the way to come fetch us liao... :P meaning to say? tak dapat tidur at all la. then drama happened. between me and the guards and the management :D the gist of it was, the guards refuse to let small cow come in eventho she dont mind registering. the reason? repeated offender. like wtf right??? what offence? come pick up ppl also an offence ah? so i quarrelled with them and then sms-ed the management chairman and tiu him/her kao kao :D but no reply coz the hp wasnt on :D.... anyway, off we went to cineleisure to watch HP6. after movie, Mingirl suddenly sick (we suspect her colleague poisoned her :P), sent her back, then small cow and i went to SS2 to grab a bite. after that, we were damn tired alre.


woke up on off on off quarelling with the management via sms :D then met up with the karchengs to celebrate Abang's bday. :D Abang wanted something no frills no fuss. so we ended up going to KFC. :D then we went over to Abang's place to play gin rummy :D we play damn small only 10sen, 20sen, 30sen. to pass time. and i ended up winning about RM13 :D consider the big winner alre with such small ante :D


woke up by my mom telling me that the 3renes (Dorene, Serene & Eirene - Sis-in-law & nieces) are back from USA. :O what a surprise! :D we sure didnt see it coming. afterall, next year is the MOAR. but i suspect they are just anti social and dont intend to even make an effort to come back for MOAR la :D anyway, what did i do on Sunday? nothing much. sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up, went lunch/tea/breakfast with Mingirl nearby to makan some not so nice thing. then balik continue to watch my DVDs. Then Small Cow came pick me up (surprise surprise! can come in liao wor... apparently she aint an offender anymore! :P) to go OKR to makan Teochew Porridge. Damn nice wei :D but we over ordered and over ate. :D but still nice :D


came to work and got pissed off with Finger. then balik on time to meet up with the 3renes. omg. i tell ya, my nieces are really cute and angelic la :D Btw, Serene is 9 yrs old and Eirene is only 6yrs old

Scene 1: Dorene (my sis in law) asked the girls if they want iced water or normal room temperature water, and they answered: it's ok mommy, anything that will not trouble you mommy.

*instantly melted*

Scene 2: Eirene suddenly exclaimed to me: kuku, kuku, i m very bad tempered, but i am also very honest

*wide eyed*

Scene 3: We were in my car and i teased them telling them that my car's name is Murphy and he is my son, meaning to say, they are now sitting in their cousin. Suddenly in all seriousness:

Serene: do you have a baby of your own?
Me: nooooo.....
Eirene: kuku, are you married?
Me: nooooo.....
Serene & Eirene: oh..
Eirene: why dont you want to get married?
Me: i dont know how to answer you that (really ma, i dunno how or what kind of moral values they wanna teach their children ma... and i am the last person too know what are the virtue or moralistic values :D)
Eirene: oh, is it because you are not ready?
Me: ermmm.... yea...

*faint* 6yrs old knows what is not ready???? :D

Scene 4: Eirene were showing me the pics on her DS Lite.

Eirene: this is me with silly face, this is mommy, this is Serene, this is me again with silly face, this is your brother.

*blink blink* and i laughed out loud. yea, my brother. not her daddy la? :D

i seriously love my nieces alot :D such darlings :D


  1. Does it make you wonder what did they (the gov la..) did to our education system that resulted in a bunch of retards? Our children here is just so different. A result of 'spoon-fed' system?

  2. well, some times... the way parents bring them up and the environment contributes too...

  3. i agree with Redbabe lor. Most part of the children's life is spent in school, hence the education system needs to change. Parents' teaching is somewhat important too, but on the whole, it still boils down to the spoon feeding education system.

    Anyway, to perasan abit, my nieces are born angelic la :D

    btw, peeps, gimme some children riddles. wanna ask them more riddles :D