Thursday, July 16, 2009

the fai boss

Big Cow says (2:07 PM):
you are right. syarikat abcxyz cancelled the hand carry. now want us to use our truck to pick up today and deliver tomorrow before 12pm
Boss says (2:11 PM):
my crystal ball is proven right again
i'll predict 4-ekor tomorrow
Big Cow says (2:15 PM):
ok. remember to gimme the number. need the money to go plastic surgery
Boss says (2:15 PM):
plastic surgery? why waste money, just use plastic bags, we have plenty under the sink
Boss says (2:16 PM):
why are you suddenly talking about plastic surgery??
this is scary
Big Cow says (2:16 PM):
wanna run away and change identity ma
Boss says (2:16 PM):
err.......... i dont even wanna ask why you wanna do that
Big Cow says (2:17 PM):
Boss says (2:19 PM):
whatever you do, dont break Finger's fragile heart
Big Cow says (2:24 PM):
Big Cow says (2:25 PM):
where did that come from?
Boss says (2:25 PM):
same as where your plastic surgery came from
Big Cow says (2:26 PM):
confused already
Boss says (2:27 PM):
me too, about your plastic surgety
Big Cow says (2:28 PM):

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