Friday, July 3, 2009

the 5cm...

... so last nite small cow asked Mr. S aka 5cm and Finger out to yc with us. it's been a long long time since i've been to darulsallam in ss15 and my god! they got keropok lekor there now! :D

so anyway, as usual, when we go yc with 'fai' ppl, we will be equally, if not, even more, fai :D so what happened was, as usual, Mr. S is always talking nonsense, making fun of my fatness, which is actually fine with me, coz everytime he tried to insult me, small cow and i will go: 5cm!!

and that will shut him up! lol.

then i also forgotten how did we touch the topic of fucking a 5cm and we were imagining la, the girl will be asking Mr. S, "Is it in yet??" and Mr. S will be panting like mad.... ok, you need to be there to see his reaction, yea, he was pretty sporting about the whole thing coz he was laughing along too :D

i wish minger was there last nite la... i think she will laugh until tergolek anjing :D

p/s: to Mr. S' defence, i think he thought cm=inches, but then again, 5inches dick is not THAT long also la :P

p/p/s: even the jap guy i had long long long time ago also got longer than 5cm....:P ok la... slightly longer only :P

p/p/p/s: we tried to get Mr. S to help us buy porn from the dvd shop coz, erm, somehow we were shy, but now that i think about it, why shy ah?, ok, anyway, yea, but Mr. S refused. sigh.... anyone can supply me porn ah? :P


  1. we totally need porn supplier...

    sorry ah. using spiderlily. lazy to relog-in.

  2. hanor.... where to get porn supplier? 5cm also dont wanna pass us his :P

    *imagining his porn is covered with cum*