Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the situation as what i see..

mr s got called into big boss' office. big boss was screwing him upside down. then next thing i know, lady boss went in and the door was closed. but from outside we can still hear big boss shouting. i lamented to Finger that i got a feeling i will get called in to scold. i agak agak know what is the issue. the issue was, gintell asked us to moved some barangs. and from the booking, i see it as very simple, 1 booking, but multiple pick up location and delivery point. but apparently it is wrong. which i didnt know it's wrong and nobody tell me it is wrong until this morning when i got scolded. fine. i accept it. but the reason why mr s got scolded is becoz he, being incompetent, delayed in submitting the documents, hence, accounts until now hasnt bill that customer. that's why big boss is pissed. so knowing mr s, whenever he got scolded, he will say a lot of craps that has nothing to do with the whole situation and keep on beating around the bush, anyway, i suspected he brought me into the whole picture. sure, i admit, i did a mistake that i didnt know, fine, you want me to amend, i will do it. but it's not my fucking fault you fucking screw up 99% of the time, right?? anyway, that's just my guess about he pushing the blame on me la. oh yea, i forgotten to tell you, when i was hired, i was told that i report directly to big boss and mr s and finger is my peer. back to the story, so the 3 of them were inside big boss' room. and i have this strong feeling i will get called in and told finger. and true enough, i got called in. and this is what big boss say to me:

"i just want to announce to you, in front of lady boss and mr s, that from now on, you report to mr s and he will delegate all the job to you"

me being me, when stunned, do not know what to say and just say ok. and i was dismissed.

i came out, thoughts were running in my mind and i started to feel fucking indignant. and my 1st rebellious thoughts were, fine, want me to report to him, fine, coz he being so fucked up, he wont know how to delegate anyway and i m not gonna offer my help at all and i started to think also... does that mean i got demoted? he should be reporting to me instead of me! fuck! and...

what kind of boss is that dont even listen to 2 sides of the stories and straight away pass judgment on me based on a lunatic's words??

why the fuck am i still in this fucking company??

how come i am being treated so unfairly?

how am i gonna sabo him??
(yea, i am THAT evil, ok?)

what should i do now?

time to actively look for a job again

can i survive working for my dad once i quit here?

how to come back to kl if i just quit like that and go back to work for my dad?

i need chocotop

yea... these are the words that went thru my head.

conclusion is? if i am still not cooled down tomorrow, i will submit the letter.

oh yea, he also always bitch about finger to all the drivers making all the drivers hates finger, that's why there are always misunderstandings between finger and the drivers coz all the drivers hates him. and then he always act like he is the good person. fucker.

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