Thursday, June 11, 2009

the boss...

... that big cow has come to respect...

so this morning i came in with a heavy heart. kinda demotivated. but i've gave myself a shelf life of a minimum 1 yr in this company and i've got like 3 more months and i dont really wanna give up after coming so far. so i came to work. EARLY. before anyone come, before the door is opened.

and i went about doing my stuffs. then i talked to Ms Asst. Finance Manager. telling her how i m so close to quiting and i told her, maybe i m still pissed, that's why i am not thinking straight. she ask me to calm down and cool down first. so i went about doing my stuffs.

then boss came in. i went about doing my stuffs - nervously. coz i dont know his mood how. suddenly he bad mood come and scream and shout at me how? then i got the dreaded intercom. he asked me to go in.....

Big Boss: close the door
Me: orh
Big Boss: sit down
Me: orh
Big Boss: i owe you an explanation.

and he started to tell me what happened. and how he used me to try to call Mr S' busllshit. And how he couldnt talk to MR. S anymore that's why he got Lady Boss to go in to talk some sense. but in the end, MR S bullshit even more and started to drag everyone into the picture. my name was mentioned a few time. Big Boss asked him how come he didnt seek Finger and my help if he is drowning with work. and his 1st excuse was, we all were busy. then big boss say, then get their help when they are not that busy! and mr s say: But i cant ask Big Cow to work becoz she dont report to me!!

that's when i got called in.

boss then proceed in asking me for my opinion, what to do with Mr S. i told him to send him to some interpersonal skills, and some leadership course, apparently he sent him there before and it still doesnt work. and boss revealed that he is damn farn about mr s since 2 weeks ago and he really at loss of wat to do.

but i guess we both were thinking of the same thing, but we didnt say it out right.

mr s has to go.

boss kept on telling me that mr s is a liability to the company right now as he is like a rock that block our company's path in growing.

i kept quiet

i really cannot and dont wanna comment too much. but i did tell him, i didnt manage to learn much from him coz whenever i ask him too much question on the task that he gave me, he will fed up and take it back and say he do himself. in my defense, i wanna understand the job better before i proceed in doing things to avoid mistakes. that's why until now, i m not that good in export. coz he dont teach well.

anyway, as of now, at 12.30pm, mr s has not turn up for work. he comes in as he pleases and goes as he pleases. and boss has been very lenient towards him.

and yes, i do appreciate the talk with the boss today. and yes, he has gained my respect coz at least he bother to explained things to me. :)

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