Thursday, June 25, 2009

pissed off again...

.... seriously one... why am i still working in this office? more than 50% of the times i get all pissed off and indignant with Finger's and Mr. S's antics and occassionally some bitch decided to make the situation worst!

so this morning Finger accused me of not giving him proper instruction for a shipment today. I told him the shipment is for tomorrow and everyone has been copied in the email and the booking has been done. what other instructions he need?? he told me, no, today got one more. i told him no, there isnt. there is a total of 2 shipments, one is tomorrow and the other is end of July and he kept on insisting that there is one today. i kept on telling him dont have and then he kept on insisting that i told them today have. and seriously, i hate repeating myself over and over and over again. so i fed up and scolded him. and he still kept on insisting that i told him today got, he claimed that even Mr. S also say so. but Mr. S is not in the office, so i cannot verified if only Finger is the dumbass or Mr. S i too. anyway, as i was quarreling with Finger, New Mom decided to add in more tension by saying: "Haih, pagi pagi sudah bising". which pisses me off big time. why??? COZ SHE EVERY FUCKING DAY SHOUT ON THE PHONE, SHOUT FROM HER SEAT, SHOUT AT EVERYONE INSTEAD OF PICKING UP THE FUCKING PHONE TO INTERCOM OTHERS LIKE WHAT WE ALL DO!!!!

talk about a pot calling a kettle black! tiu!!!!

i damn boh song now.

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